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The Benefits of Eye Patching

April 26th, 2011

Eye patching works with both the left and right brain as it shuts down the side of the brain that is used to process emotions and stress.

Using an eye patch allows the eye lid to stay open which then gives the brain permission to process at a higher frequency. The left eye patched will shut down the right brain and the right eye patched shuts down the left brain. The best way to find out which side of the brain does the processing is to simply patch and see what side makes you feel better. When that mode quiets down, you’ll feel better.

Input is shut down from whatever eye is patched. If you find that an instant replay of thoughts are continuing to run over and over causing anxiety, sleep deprivation, or anything deemed stressful… patch. When the mind is quiet, it recognizes the time for release.

Which way do you process? Put the patch over either eye and see how you feel. Notice and switch to the other eye and think of the same incident. If you feel better, you’re getting a new perspective. Use the eye patch to gain clear, loving communication. And in between sessions to greatly increase peace and relaxation within.

 By Melanie Gentzkow, MRET


One Response to “The Benefits of Eye Patching”

  1. Bob Davis Says:

    I’ve been patching for years to find the results you’re claiming. It creates a calming effect for me; I’ll do it for hours in the evening and sleep patched too. I never knew why it worked, but it was interesting to read your information.
    How much imperial data do you have to back up your findings? Do you many case studies that support this too? I’d love to hear back from you; I always thought it to be somewhat weird to patch to “chill out”.

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