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Martha Ballesteros-Shakti, MRET
[marthballesteros@gmail.com] 407-970-1439
Martha Ballesteros-Shakti, MRET
Martha Ballesteros-Shakti, MRET

Speaks English and Spanish

Main Areas of focus: PTSD, General Stress Management, Healing the wounds of the past, Relationship and Family Issues, Women's Issues, Addictions, Depression, Parents and Children issues, War Veterans.

Martha has over 20 years’ experience as a Rapid Eye Technician, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Teacher and Transformational Coach. The variety of tools she has enable her clients to bring awareness into any issue they bring into the sessions, and help them to dissolve the attachment and identification they have with those issues, giving them the capacity to be present, relaxed and in harmony within their own being.

Each one of us hold trapped emotions and negative messages of unresolved issues within the deepest part of our psyche, stored over life cycles in our brains, bodies and DNA. Very often particular patterns like depression, anxiety, or alcoholism keep running in a family until they are resolved. The sooner we liberate the energy of those unresolved issues and break the cycle of dysfunction, healing own suffering and the pain of untold generations, the sooner we can give that precious gift of healing to our descendants. 

My work is about assisting my clients in clearing the energy stuck in traumatic cell memory and opening up their body, mind, and spirit to a new relationship with themselves and life. They will acquire cutting edge tools which they can use in their everyday life, so they can keep themselves thriving and balanced.  

Once people are free from their negative perceptions and identification with their past, they will start the process of awakening to a life lived in love, peace, joy, clarity, and gratitude. Their lives will be changed forever and they will go on to positively influence others.

The miracle is that as one life is transformed, we are exponentially taking the steps towards healing the entire planet! 

Phone and Skype Sessions available – Flexible Hours - Call Now!


Email: marthaballesteros@gmail.com



·        Trauma Solution Practitioner, The Business Education Institute and the International Network for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, Peopleistic, Dallas Texas 2016

·        Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, 500 hour instruction certified by the State of New Mexico Higher Education Department, Hypnotherapy Academy of America, Albuquerque, New Mexico September to November 2011

·        Reiki Master Usui System of Natural Healing, Healing Today, Gainesville, Florida, February 2009

·        Massage Therapist, (624 hours of Therapeutic Massage training), Florida College of Natural Health; Maitland Florida, 2006-2007

·        Cranio Sacral Therapy Level I, The Upledger Institute, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, June 2006

·        Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Orlando, Florida 2005

·        Master Rapid Eye Technician, Rapid Eye Institute; Salem Oregon, April 2003

·        SSPT Trainer, Rapid Eye Institute, Salem Oregon, February 2003

·        Healing with flower essences, Siu Tutuava, Bogotá Colombia 2003

·        Regression Process, The Light Institute, Galisteo New Mexico 2002

·        Pranic Healing facilitator, trained by Master Del Pe, Bogotá, Colombia 2002

·        Family Constellations, Osho Multiversity 1997

·        Meditative Therapies No-Mind Training, Osho Multiversity, Osho Meditation Academy; Poona, India, August 1997

·        Osho Counselor Training, Osho Multiversity, Center for Transformation; Poona, India, November 1997

·        Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring within, Trainer: Tamara Andreas, NLP Comprehensive, Tucson Arizona 1997

·        Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP Santa Fe; Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1995-1996

·        Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP University, Assessment conducted at The University of California Santa Cruz, July 1996

·        Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP Comprehensive, Boulder, Colorado, April 1996

·        Reiki I and II, Salem Oregon 1996 and Tucson Arizona 1998

·        Certified Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP/New York & The New Mexican Connection for Whole Brain Communication; Santa Fe, NM, August 1996

·        Rapid Eye Technician, Rapid Eye Institute, Salem Oregon, May 1996

·        Educator of the Living Foods Lifestyle, Trained by the late Dr. Ann Wigmore at the Ann Wigmore Institute, Aguada, Puerto Rico, March 1992

·        Intuitive Massage, Purvodaya Meditations-Zentrum, Moosburg, Germany, 1980-1981

·        Meditation Teacher, Purvodaya Meditations-Zentrum, Moosburg, Germany, August, 1979

·        Teacher of Art and Design, SENA Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje; Popayán, Colombia, 1968-1971



Principal enfoque de mi trabajo: Trastorno del Estrés Postraumático, Manejo de toda clase de estrés,  Relaciones  familiares y de pareja, Auto Estima y Poder Personal en las Mujeres, Adicciones, Depresión, Problemas entre padres e hijos, Veteranos de la Guerra.  

Martha tiene más de 20 años de experiencia como Terapeuta Facilitadora de Procesos de Empoderamiento Personal, Tecnología Rapid Eye e Hipnoterapia Clínica. Ella posee una gran variedad de herramientas que le permiten ayudar a sus clientes a disolver el apego e identificación que tienen con los problemas o bloqueos que traen a las sesiones; a tomar conciencia de su verdadera naturaleza a un nivel más profundo y a recuperar la capacidad de estar presentes, relajados y en armonía dentro de su propio ser. 


Martha Ballesteros-Shakti, MRET

Cada uno de nosotros tiene emociones y mensajes negativos de temas no resueltos  atrapados dentro de la parte más profunda de nuestra psique, que han estado almacenados en nuestros cerebros, cuerpos y ADN por ciclos completos de vida. Muy a menudo las tendencias depresivas, de ansiedad o alcoholismo siguen presentes en una familia hasta que alguien los resuelve. Mientras más pronto liberemos la energía de esos patrones hereditarios y rompamos el ciclo repetitivo de disfunción, más rápido podremos sanar el sufrimiento y dolor de generaciones pasadas y pasar ese precioso regalo de sanación a nuestros descendientes.

Mi trabajo consiste en ayudar a mis clientes a liberar toda la energía traumática estancada en su memoria celular, abriendo su cuerpo, mente y espíritu hacia una nueva relación con ellos mismos y con la vida. Ellos reciben avanzadas herramientas de transformación y descubren dentro de su ser valiosos recursos para crear la vida que desean y  continuar su desarrollo de forma equilibrada. 

Una vez que la persona se libera de sus percepciones negativas e identificación con el pasado, comienza el proceso de despertar a una vida vivida con amor, paz, armonía, claridad y gratitud. Sus vidas cambian para siempre y ellos se convierten en una influencia positiva para los demás. ¡El milagro es que cuando una vida se transforma, estamos exponencialmente dando los pasos hacia la sanación del planeta entero!


Sesiones por Skype y por teléfono – Horario Flexible

Llama ahora mismo.


Email: marthaballesteros@gmail.com




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This technician has 34 Testimonials.
There are masters who draw us to them through their presence, there are those whose words ring true to us and we want to hear more and there are those rare ones that prove to be a mirror where we can see our true selves – all undeniably beautiful in their unique power to draw us out of slumber. And yet there is a fourth kind – those rare masters who are windows that reveal the rainbow colors of our own potential and innate magnificence. Masters who can not only show us what we are now, but what we were born to be. Masters who not only see it themselves but also know how to show it to us! One session with Ma Shakti and she hands you a picture of yourself – the way you are afraid to imagine yourself lest you feel you’re in a fairytale.

Ma Shakti has an array of tools that she wields with utmost refinement…knowing not only how to use each tool skillfully but also when it isn’t needed anymore. I ask myself what I learned from her – the one thing that has more meaning for me in life -Awareness. That secret ingredient, that potent essence she gathered as nectar from every Master she has loved, lived with, listened to and learned from, that priceless gem that yogis spend lifetimes yearning to achieve through penance, she simply hands out to you over a cup of tea, with a tender smile that lights up her benevolent eyes and a few gestures of her expressive hands. And you sit there wondering, how on earth I got so lucky…until she snaps her fingers to wake you up and out of your daydreams, reminding you with her sharp voice that “You need to be practical Navaneetha!”

Ma Shakti is an advocate and protector of the quality of feminineness – not just of feminity or women’s rights as most of us often might see it. She understands this essential quality as the fragrance of the innermost sanctum of both men and women, seekers and non-seekers alike and rightfully channels its expression and preservation.

~Navaneetha Dwarakanath


My sessions with Martha were deep, inspiring and life-changing. She has incredible skills and profound sensitivity, and she\'s immensely available, compassionate, and committed to get to the \"crunch\" of any issue you\'re exploring with her.
She is able to keep you on track in a very direct, no-nonsense way, while being fully graceful and respectful of where you are in your process.
I reconnected to my inner sources of trust, self-respect and creativity thanks to her guidance and support.
I highly recommend in-depth, continued series of sessions with her.
Premo, AZ


The sessions with Shakti have enriched my life. I feel rejuvenated in body and mind, ready to share all this learning with my friends and family. I love your Life Skills Classes. I'm very excited about life again and ready to be myself, do great things and have what I want...

Thank you my friend,

Alice S.


I found Martha reading an article on depression that she wrote on the Natural Awakenings magazine. During that time I was depressed myself. My relationships in general were in chaos. I was not on talking terms with my siblings and every time I saw my mother all I heard was accusations. Two of my adult children were living with me and we were arguing most of the time.

Martha and I started working through my birth and childhood. I became aware of the beliefs that ruled my life feeling less than others, feeling like a victim, feeling pushed to take responsibility for others, feeling ugly and in a permanent state of lack My personal history is being abandoned by my father at an early age and having to help my mother since I was a small child

As I released the heavy emotional weight a wish for freedom started to grow in my heart. Suddenly it was easy to know what I wanted and I learned to follow my feelings with confidence, even do in the beginning I would still feel some guilt. Martha taught me very simple and easy to learn self help techniques to support myself with.

Now I know that I create my own reality and that in order for me to be able to create a happy and harmonious world for myself I have to let go of negativity. I changed my job and became independent, connected with my joy and personal power. I started to love myself unconditionally.

RET took me through a beautiful inner journey that helped me to connect with my essence and to understand that life is a gift an open horizon full of possibilities

Its been a few months since I completed my sessions. The pas is behind me. My mother died and I was able to develop with her a real friendship, we enjoyed our final time together very much. My siblings came back to me, we are very close now; my children became independent and are happy. I was able to release the attachment to always try to fix their lives. And now I found my soul mate

I turned my life around I am happy within my own skin

I thank you Martha, for all your wisdom, love and patience.

God bless you,

B. B.


Encontre a Martha leyendo una articulo que ella habia escrito en una revista. El tema era la depresion. En ese momento yo no me sentia bien. Mis relaciones a nivel general estaban muy mal. No me hablaba con mis hermanos y cada vez que me veia con mi madre solo recibia acusaciones. Dos de mis hijos adultos vivian en mi casa y discutiamos con mucha frecuencia...

Empeze a trabajar mi infancia comenzando por el nacimiento, fui poco a poco identificando las creencias que regian mi vida - sentirme menos que los otros - sentir que era una victima - sentirme obligada a tomar responsabilidad por los demas - sentirme fea y con carencias - en fin, mi historia es una historia de abandono por mi padre y de haber tenido que ayudar a mi madre desde muy temprano en mi vida...

Fui soltando las cargas - me fui liberando y nacieron en mi ganas de libertad, me senti inspirada y poco a poco fui descubriendo que queria y empeze a honrar mis deseos aunque a veces me sentia culpable. Martha me ayudo a convertirme en mi propia terapeuta y a auto ayudarme con metodos muy sencillos y faciles de aprender. Entendi que yo creo mi propia realidad y que tenia que limpiarme de negatividad y trauma para crear un mundo feliz y equilibrado a mi alrededor.

Cambie de trabajo, me hice independiente. Me conecte con mi poder personal y con mi alegria. Me empeze a AMAR A MI MISMA INCONDICIONALMENTE...

Este es un trabajo maravilloso, que lo va llevando a uno poco a poco a conectarse con su esencia y a entender la vida - como un regalo - un horizonte abierto lleno de posibilidades...

Han pasado muchos meses... el pasado quedo atras. Mi madre murio y alcance a lograr tener con ella una maravillosa amistad, disfrutamos mucho juntas sus ultimos momentos. Mis hermanos volvieron a mi. Somos muy unidos, nos ayudamos, mis hijos han hecho sus vidas y yo he logrado soltar el apego y las ganas de querer arreglarles la vida... me siento muy bien, tambien encontre mi alma gemela...

Le di un giro de 180 grados a mi vida... me siento feliz dentro de mi propia piel...

Gracias Martha por tanta sabiduria y dedicacion,... por todo ese amor y paciencia. Dios te bendiga,

Betty B.


Querida Shakti,

Solo tengo palabras de agradecimiento por el trabajo que has realizado conmigo. Estoy empezando a sentir una nueva fuerza en mi interior... Continuo haciendo los ejercicios que me has dado, el "tapping" me sirve muchisimo... se que este es el comienzo de una nueva vida.

Te agradezco lo honesta que eres y que continues apoyandome en mi proceso de forma desinteresada y con tanto amor y dedicacion. Dios te bendiga, eres un angel.

Un abrazo, Lia


Tu trabajo Martha ,enriquese,quiero desde muy adentro de mi corazon decirte que has tomado un camino dificil pero muy enriquecedor,sientete feliz,que esa aura que te rodea,cobije amuchas personas que realmente necesitan de tus buenos oficios,abrazos.jorge morales


RET es un verdadero milagro y Martha, mi terapeuta, es una trabajadora extraordinaria. Por mucho tiempo estuve trabajando conmigo misma, pero no habia conseguido superar algunos patrones y creencias negativas que habian echado raices demasiado profundas en mi ser.

El Rapid Eye es tan efectivo y facil que a veces no se lo puede uno creer. Pero es verdad! My vida dio un giro de 180 grados en solo algunos meses, gracias a esa maravillosa intuicion de Martha y su ayuda para llegar a lo mas hondo de cada patron y hacer que uno lo suelte de una vez por todas. Gracias Martha por hacerme verdaderamente libre. Con amor y profunda gratitud yo te bendigo. T. R. R.


Dear Shakti, Rapid Eye has been of inmense help for my PTSD. It has been the only way to get rid of my nightmares. Thanks so much - this really works - and you are a wonderful person and a great therapist.

T.M. Elliot


Martha has been fantastic. She is warm, trust worthy supportive and a very skilled practitioner. I recommend her highly. Her \"Heal the Healer\" program is a must for all therapists looking to release, restore, and renew themselves.
- M. Bulger, MRET, Westfield, NJ


Hello my dear friend,

I like to take this opportunity to Thank God for the blessing that has been knowing you and for all the support that I have received with your therapy sessions. All of this have been very meaningful and of great worth for my personal growth and development. Above all I have released all of my fears in an awesome way. Of course, I go on applying all the techniques you taught me.

I wish you the best in the universe, thanks again for being so special.

Carmen Stella


My name is Manuel Gonzalez and I want to emphasize the tremendous work we made with Shakti and the aid of Rapideye to surpass a depression stage that framed my life in past months due to a separation.

Thanks to Shaktis undeniable gift of healing, her arduous work - she gave me sessions that sometimes extended to 3 hours the RET process and my commitment I can say that I managed to release my depression totally.

I continue practicing the life skills and philosophical concepts I have learned from Shakti and RET. I can definitely say that whoever decides to start this therapeutic process and is constant and persistent, can go beyond their traumas and is able to start a journey of spiritual enlightenment.

I am deeply grateful to Shakti for her love and dedication towards her patients and I hope she can go on helping and enlightening many more human beings on their journey towards healing.


Mi querida Shakti (martica), durante muchos aos hemos compartido amistad, silencios,
angustias, risas, ansiedades, y ese proceso que emprendiste hace mucho tiempo de transformacion espiritual, hemos sido semillas sembradas en el signo tauro, que disponemos de una gran fuerza en la amistad y el crecimiento espiritual. Sigue adelante, cada vez eres mas sabia, cada vez la humanidad necesita mas de seres especiales como tu miryam alicia


Estoy feliz por saber que te encuentras en una nueva etapa de tu vida. Shakti el nombre que representa simblicamente este momento presente. S lo importante que es para ti la renovacin y la constante evolucin. Lo entiendo, porque Alex tambin inici de esa forma. Es un nio que juega, se raspa las rodillas, llora y sonre al sol.

Y s, Nadie se cruza por casualidad, por eso Shakti (Marthita) tienes un lugar importante en mi ser y vives en un tiempo que no deja de ser presente.

Te quiero y te deseo siempre prosperidad. Dios te bendiga. Gracias. Un Gran Abrazo con Mucho Cario. Alex.


Mi nombre es Manuel Gonzalez y quiero resaltar el tremendo trabajo que realizamos con Shakty y con la ayuda de Rapideye para superar una etapa de depresion que marco mi vida en meses pasados a raiz de mi separacion. Gracias al arduo trabajo de Shakti (jornadas que a veces se extendieron por mas de 3 horas), su innegable don curativo, la tecnica de Rapideye y mi compromiso puedo decir que logre superar mi depresion. Aun hoy en dia practico los ejercicios y conceptos filosoficos que Sakti y el Rapideye me han ensenado. Puedo afirmar que quienes se deciden a tomar esta terapia con persistencia pueden superar sus traumas e iniciar un camino de iluminacion espiritual. Agradezco profundamente a Shakti por su amor y dedicacion para con sus pacientes y espero que pueda continuar ayundando e iliminando a muchos seres humanos en su camino hacia la sanacion.


hola querida amiga aprovecho esta oportunidad que tengo para agradecerle a Dios por la bendicion que he tenido de conocerte y el apoyo que he recivido con tu terapia, ha sido muy significativo para mi continuo crecimiento y desarrolo como peresona. sobre todo he soltado los miedos de una manera espectacular. claro aplicando la tecnica que me ensenaste.
te deseo lo mejor del universo
de nuevo gracias por ser tan especial.
Carmen Stella.


RET is an absolute miracle and my therapist Martha is a miracle worker. For years I have been working on myself and still there were some issues I just never seem to be able to move past because they were so deeply rooted. RET is so effective and easy it almost seems to good to be true but It's TRUE. My life has shifted 180 degrees in only months thanks to RET and Martha's intuitive instinct in assisting me to get to the true root of the issue and then release it once and for all. Thank you for giving me true freedom. With love and in deep gratitude I bless you Martha.


Through all my years of searching, trying different healing techniques I found RET to be very effective in helping me release and uncover deep emotional wounds and Martha is the best therapist and coach I ever had. She is also an excellent massage therapist. I love her sense of humor. She is a great asset to the healing of this planet. Michael B.


What an innovative technique, I liked the hypnotic, metaphysical and spiritual aspects of it. Martha has been like an angel opening doors of light for me! I am very grateful. T. Smith


Martha was so in tune to my needs and stress! Very gently she guided me towards joy and gratitude. I feel grate about myself and life after these few RET sessions. This is for sure one of the most wonderful experiences I ever had! Thank you, Cathryn R.


Martha is excellent at tracking down negative patterns, she's very professional and I just wished I had met her long time before... I am stress free, relaxed and feel very positive about my life in the present and towards the future.

God bless! Bryan S.


With gratitud I write this testimonial. I came to Martha Ballesteros looking for a relieve for my insomnia, depression and worries. I found a very professional and compassionate human being who helped me to let go of my negative emotions and thoughts guiding me to accept and embrace myself unconditionally.

I was very efficient in sabotaging myself. Today I know I have the power to make a wonderful life for myself, and I am aware that I'm making my life with each one of my thoughts, perceptions and decisions. Thank you Martha for your teachings and great help. Oscar B.


Querida Martha,

Me siento tan feliz siendo parte de esta caravana de alegria que haz organizado. He vuelto a tener energia y optimismo, cada dia me despierto y doy gracias a Dios por todo lo que me da. Me has recordado que la vida es un regalo y de una forma tan amable me has ayudado a sanar mis heridas y a tener una relacion conmigo misma basada en el amor, bondad y confianza.

Hoy se que todo lo puedo. Me diste de vuelta mi poder personal y mi autoestima. Gracias de todo corazon! Dios te bendiga para que puedas seguir esparciendo tu conocimiento tan necesario en el mundo de hoy.

Sinceramente, Patricia L.


Recordada Patrito, ser de luz y amor agradezco al Dios el haberte conocido como amiga y teraputa ;cada seccin de rapid eye que comparti contigo era un viaje maravillosos para explorar y reconocer que la felicidad no tena que buscarla muy lejos que estaba dentro de mi.


Dear Deva, I like to say thank you. You have been a blessing in my life. I appreciate your integrity and clarity. God bless you! Don


Quiero dejr mi testimonio de la eficacia del Rapid eye technology y de otras terapias entre otras la de la aromaterapia y la musicoterapia dentro de los tantos conocimientos de nuestra querida Martha en sus viajes por la India y Europa.Sus viajes no solo fueron el disfrute que produce conocer otras culturas ella se adentro del conocimiento de otras culturas se interno en los pueblos y de ellos aprendio todo lo que buen cristiano debe saber para ayudar al mundo.Yo por ejemplo pese a ser baron habia crecido dentro de temores y miedo pues en cierta forma perdi a muy tempranas horas a mis maestros y a mis padres yo les aprendi a amar al mundo y tal vez en esa lucha la gente a veces abusaba de mi.Yo aprendi a sobre ponerme a toda esa cruenta lucha y hoy por hoy mis pasos son mas firmes y seguros.Tuve a mi maestra Martha por espacio de un ao cerca de mi y aproveche cada instante de su compaia en largas e interesantes sesiones y charlas culturales e intelectuales.Felicito su iniciativa de seguir estudiando en USA Masajes y la novedosa tecnica de craneo sacra del cual tomare una sesion para mejorar mi salud hoy golpiada por el trabajo duroque relaizo.Con aprecio invito a todos a que vean esta pagina y recomiendo a nuestra querida terapista para que la disfruten .Con amor Manuel


Querida Martha,

Jamas imagine que parpadear y mover los ojos me fuera a liberar de tanto dolor y tantas cargas. Yo he sido un esceptico en estas cosas pero la verdad despues de cada sesion de Rapid Eye, me siento como nuevo. Gracias por toda tu ayuda y tu gran profesionalismo.

Jorge Ivan R.


Querida Martha, quiero darte las gracias por el maravilloso regalo que ha sido conocerte y participar en tus clases y en tu terapia. Mi vida ha cambiado mucho con tan pocas sesiones... igual la de mi esposo. Nuestra relacion es excelente ahora y los dos hemos comprendido el maravilloso regalo que es estar juntos y tener a nuestras hijas. Gracias por todo tu apoyo y comprension. Nos has guiado con mucha integridad y claridad. Que Dios te bendiga.

Maria Helena


I feel I have to tell my story, because many people can benefit from it. I owe much to Martha Ballesteros and Rapid Eye. I guess if I could pick just one of the many benefits from doing this therapy I would say the most important is that I have myself back, I feel free. I didnt know there were so much peace, power and strength resting within my being.

My father sexually abused me when I was 9. As far as I can remember I always had a great fear about life and a horrible sense of insecurity within myself. My mother was dead, so there was no one there to care for me. I stumble from school to school, later on from man to man, had a time with drugs and alcohol. Life was very difficult, all I wanted was to be death, but I have a child I have to care for, so friends talk me into doing something about it. I went to AA meetings and that helped, but I felt sort of imprisoned within and still carrying so much fear.

Then I met Martha. With her sessions she helped me to let go of my fear and negative feelings. With the life skills classes she gave me, I started to understand how my experience of the abuse was a filter to my perception of life and the choices I made. I choose men and experiences based on my feelings as the abused child. It was such a strange game for or against men, life, workI certainly was a prisoner of my unconscious remembrances.

From the very beginning my changes within and without were so profound that I committed myself to do as much Rapid Eye as I could. I went through all sessions. I worked with the life skills book. It was like entering in a new world. Martha is a real wise woman; with her help I even changed my eating habits.

I am no more the needy person in my relationships and I can really enjoy intimacy now. The best of all is the wonderful feeling to be in my body and the enthusiasm I have for life. I feel grateful about my life now and know I have the power to make anything I want out of it. Thank you Martha, may God bless you for the wonderful help you are to people. Ann L. W.


I have been diagnosed as bipolar when I was 17. Nevertheless I managed to go to College and get married. Soon my marriage turned into divorce, and I was left with 2 children. I have managed, struggling and suffering. The main problem was that from time to time I would become depressed or too excited, did crazy things and of course ended up a couple of times in the mental hospital. My self-esteem was very low.

I have been taking a high dose of lithium for many years, and of course had the periodic visits with my psychiatrist once or twice per month.

After one of my depression incidents a friend of mine recommended I see Martha Ballesteros. Martha had helped her daughter with a problem of Attention Deficit Disorder.

I started my RET sessions almost right away. I went to Marthas office every week for more then three months. The experience has been so liberating! After each therapy I had the feeling of leaving behind tones of heavy weight. I felt lighter, with a clear head.

During that time my best friend was traveling in Europe for almost 4 months, so we didnt see each other. When she came back she asked me: what have you done to yourself? Your voice is different, your skin has change, you are glowing! Are you in love? I told her then about Martha and RET.

After about 6 sessions I was able to let go of my fear of darkness, which was so strong that all my life before Rapid Eye, I had to leave a light on, in my bedroom every night. I know we had sessions for my birth many times, because I had a very difficult birth, I almost dyed and had to be in an incubator for almost one month. I sleep very well in the darkness now.

My psychiatrist is amazed about this strange miracle. I do not need the medicine anymore. I feel secure, confident, and healthy. I have been fine for the last 2 years. I have a new wonderful relationship and the bipolar symptoms have not come back.

I get a RET session from time to time, because I love to feel lighter, aligned, back in balance. Thanks Martha for the wonderful work, I truly appreciate it, youve given me a new life! Danielle S.


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Martha Ballesteros-Shakti, MRET
Martha Ballesteros-Shakti, MRET
Dear Shakti, Rapid Eye has been of inmense help for my PTSD. It has been the only way to get rid of my nightmares. Thanks so much - this really works - and you are a wonderful person and a great thera