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Chandra Marin, RET Testimonial
Chandra Marin, RET I have worked with Chandra for several months. One session I was worried about my ability to find employment. I was feeling trapped by the feeling that I didn't have the necessary skills to get the job of my dreams. Chandra gently smiled, and held out her hand and led me through the passage that enabled me break free of my old limiting beliefs that I was unskilled and ill prepared. I left that day and felt like I had kicked this enormous door down that had been locked and kept me from moving on ...
Chandra Marin, RET Testimonial
Chandra Marin, RET Chandra Marin is a powerful and intuitive healer who has taught, guided, and mentored me to a place of peace. A little over a year ago, I was in a very bad place where I felt I had nothing left in the world. Most of my life I have struggled with panic and anxiety and a multitude of physical ailments. I ate a very restricted diet, I worked very few hours, and I left the house as minimally as possible, and still many days I struggled to do the simplest tasks. I felt something inside needed hea...
Evelyn Cruz, RET, EMT-B Testimonial
Evelyn Cruz, RET, EMT-B I have met with Evelyn in an effort to heal domestic violence and abuse experiences from the past which kept me scared and in panic mode. After seeing her for a few sessions I notice a calm sate and feeling free from the past traumatic wounds. I went back to school and completed a medical degree I long waited to complete. My life has taken a turn for the best and all my relationships with my family and work made significant progress. I am thankful I decided to meet up and find out what life has...
Bruce Benjamin, MRET Testimonial
Bruce Benjamin, MRET Hi, I want to write a testimonial in appreciation of Bruce Benjamin and RET. Bruce took the time to take care of me when I was suffering enormous pain and he went out of his way to patiently counsel me and be a friend. He is someone that I trust because he cares enormously and doesn't want anything for himself. I was in a very bad place when I tried RET. My experience was that after one session I felt better. I found the experience to be enjoyable and super relaxing, and it touched me in profou...
Tonya Cox, MRET Testimonial
Tonya Cox, MRET I decided to do a session with Tonya when several different friends of mine mentioned how powerful she was for them--a few of them have also written reviews here. (Hi Greg, Bronson, and Troy!--but that's just a few, there are several more.) I thought, well, if I lived near Apple Valley, I would sure give her a try. But then several of these friends told me she could do sessions over the phone. I really couldn't believe what she is able to see and discern over the phone. It really does work ju...
Tonya Cox, MRET Testimonial
Tonya Cox, MRET Tonya is GREAT. She has helped me over and over again. I don't know what I would do without her. As a 26 year Air Force VET I can say that Tonya is the best and has helped me with MANY issues. RET really works and Tonya has proved it to me many times. MSgt, USAF, Retired
Gloria Henricks, MA, MRET Testimonial
Gloria Henricks, MA, MRET I witnessed Gloria doing RET sessions on others prior to receiving my own session and I was able to see changes in theses individuals even as an observer. With my own RET session I had a life-changing experience after just one session. I was able to let go of a lot and I noticed the change immediately. I also continued to see and feel changes for weeks. Gloria is very skilled in what she does and she provides a lot of support as well as information during the session. I highly recommend that oth...
Jenifer Zink, MRET Testimonial
Jenifer Zink, MRET WOW. What can I say about rapid eye? I am someone who has used rapid eye throughout my life for very different reasons and during different phases of my life. As a teenager, rapid eye helped me hone in on all the aspects of my personality and to listen to my inner voice...it was confidant building. As a young adult in my twenties, I went through my first true heartbreak and my parents of a 24 year marriage divorced. There was a well of sadness inside of me then, but rapid eye helped me to grieve...
Jenifer Zink, MRET Testimonial
Jenifer Zink, MRET Jenifer Wiley is a true spiritual guide. She is so incredibly warm and openhearted, but most importantly, intelligent and wise beyond her years. As a rapid eye practitioner, she is enthusiastic, supportive and uplifting. You will feel absolutely no pressure other than to feel comfortable and be completely yourself. When you meet her you will feel like you have known her for years. Jenifer helped me when I needed it the most. The sessions I had with her were the foundation for catapulting me to w...
Sylvia Laing, MRET Testimonial
Sylvia Laing, MRET Sylvia has a gift that goes beyond describing in human words. She is blessed with additional spiritual insights that heal the human soul. Our marriage and extended family has been blessed beyond mortal comprehension at the depth this work can provide in healing. I once suffered from "Renauds" and low thyroid. My hands a feet were icy cold and great fear accompanied me in speaking or performing piano solos in public. I was on high dosage of thyroid supplement daily. After clearing the birth clea...
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Jane Roy, MRET
Jane Roy, MRET
The experience during and after my first session with Jane speaks for each one following, regarding outcome; there was immediate harmony: mind, body and spirit. To connect internally to my core solidi