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Tonya Cox, MRET Testimonial
Tonya Cox, MRET My experience with Tonya has been life changing. Her ability to help me connect with the deepest and best part of myself is amazing. Every time that I meet with her, I gain a deeper perspective on my innate abilities and connections with those I love the most. I would highly recommend Tonya if you are looking for a spiritual and physical healing experience. Troy Love Yuma AZ
Tonya Cox, MRET Testimonial
Tonya Cox, MRET Tonya has some really great insights and support for my life. I am amazed at how intuitive she is, even over the phone, she can see what is going on without me even telling her. She has been able to help me feel more at peace in my relationships with important people in my lift, sever unneeded connections with others I don't need in my life but was persisting in, and then move on. She has helped me improve my relationship with God immensely. She's provided me with a lot of on-going coaching t...
Tonya Cox, MRET Testimonial
Tonya Cox, MRET I have known Tonya for several years. Tonya came into my life at a time when my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and we were looking for any option that might help. We had never heard of energy work before but were willing to try. She was an angel sent from heaven to make my mothers time left here on earth as comfortable as possible. She was originally given 5 months to live by doctors, but she lived 3 1/2 years. My mother swore by the work Tonya did and after every session I could visi...
Tonya Cox, MRET Testimonial
Tonya Cox, MRET At a particularly dark point of my life when I was struggling with several addictions and was on the verge of losing my wife and daughter, a friend rather authoritatively told me, “you’re going to see Tonya,” and there was no question in my mind that that’s exactly what I was going to do. And I did. In the many years of my adulthood, I have talked with many therapists and life coaches, attended several experiential healing weekends, and been a regular at numerous addiction recovery groups. Th...
Kim Cluff, RET Testimonial
Kim Cluff, RET “I have currently completed 4 RET sessions with Kim Cluff and look forward to the rest with excited anticipation! I feel an amazing difference in myself. I usually don’t like to use the word “amazing”, but it completely describes my feelings. Prior to RET I realized that regardless of the wonderfully motivating self-help and religious books I was reading, on a subconscious level I needed help. After a year of postponing RET because of financial costs and doubts and skepticism about RET being 'wo...
Shari Prior, MRET Testimonial
Shari Prior, MRET Shari Prior's passion for healing shows in each RET session. To accompany her passion is a wealth of intelligence and an intuitive nature that is so keen it feels mystical. She works diligently with me when I know my intent and is excellent in helping me navigate to intent when I am at a loss. She provides a safe and unconditionally loving environment for me to release past traumas. Encouragement and support are available as needed as I heal and grow. The deep inner work journey I am on would no...
Donna Bybee, RET Testimonial
I can\'t put into words how grateful I am to have been introduced to RET. I wasn\'t sure what to except when I went to my appointment but I was pleasantly and overwhelming surprised. Things came up for me that I had no idea where on my mind. I cried. I let go. Donna taught me tools to heal and deal with life even after I left my appointment. Would highly recommend for anyone who is ready to let go of old patterns that no longer serve you and ready to enjoying living at a higher frequency. So gra...
Jean Miller, MRET Testimonial
Jean Miller, MRET I have used jean for several years. She has treated the whole family and has helped each of us in our own way to heal. Jean is very caring and nurturing. She is a great facilitator that will help you gently heal your wounds without forcing you into dealing with things you aren't ready for. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is ready and willing to create lasting change in their lives. Thanks Jean for all your help! Ravi
Monica Taylor, RET Testimonial
I have received numerous RET sessions from Monica. She is so kind, understanding, and very careful about how she handles my issues during the sessions. I've been able to use the self-care that she taught me to release trauma when I get triggered. I don't always need a session and that has been very empowering.
Debra Gordy, MS, MRET Testimonial
Debra Gordy, MS, MRET "Thank you so much Debra. "I appreciate all of your help in getting me to this place of feeling at peace with where I am, expecting to receive my dream, & excited exhilaration to spread my wings & soar to a prosperous new life and marriage!" Susan W., Charleston, SC
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Kym Nichols, MRET
Kym Nichols, MRET
I love my sessions of Rapid Eye Technology with Kym Nichols. She has assisted me in releasing my depression and fears. I always feel peaceful and safe to share my emotions with Kym. Light and Love is