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Shari Prior, MRET Testimonial
Shari Prior, MRET Shari Prior's passion for healing shows in each RET session. To accompany her passion is a wealth of intelligence and an intuitive nature that is so keen it feels mystical. She works diligently with me when I know my intent and is excellent in helping me navigate to intent when I am at a loss. She provides a safe and unconditionally loving environment for me to release past traumas. Encouragement and support are available as needed as I heal and grow. The deep inner work journey I am on would no...
Donna Bybee, RET Testimonial
I can\'t put into words how grateful I am to have been introduced to RET. I wasn\'t sure what to except when I went to my appointment but I was pleasantly and overwhelming surprised. Things came up for me that I had no idea where on my mind. I cried. I let go. Donna taught me tools to heal and deal with life even after I left my appointment. Would highly recommend for anyone who is ready to let go of old patterns that no longer serve you and ready to enjoying living at a higher frequency. So gra...
Jean Miller, MRET Testimonial
Jean Miller, MRET I have used jean for several years. She has treated the whole family and has helped each of us in our own way to heal. Jean is very caring and nurturing. She is a great facilitator that will help you gently heal your wounds without forcing you into dealing with things you aren't ready for. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is ready and willing to create lasting change in their lives. Thanks Jean for all your help! Ravi
Monica Taylor, RET Testimonial
I have received numerous RET sessions from Monica. She is so kind, understanding, and very careful about how she handles my issues during the sessions. I've been able to use the self-care that she taught me to release trauma when I get triggered. I don't always need a session and that has been very empowering.
Debra Gordy, MS, MRET Testimonial
Debra Gordy, MS, MRET "Thank you so much Debra. "I appreciate all of your help in getting me to this place of feeling at peace with where I am, expecting to receive my dream, & excited exhilaration to spread my wings & soar to a prosperous new life and marriage!" Susan W., Charleston, SC
Debra Gordy, MS, MRET Testimonial
Debra Gordy, MS, MRET "If I had not worked with Debra, I would still be stuck where I was before. I would still be having frequent conflict with my husband and others. I would still be unhappy personally, and in a boring corporate position that paid well, but was deadening to my soul. I don’t think anything would have shifted without working with her, since I had been stuck for decades. I know I would not have the peace and happiness I do now, or have it so solid that negative events in the world do not alter i...
Marnae Hobson, MRET, RET Trainer Testimonial
Marnae Hobson, MRET, RET Trainer Marnae has changed my life. When I tell people what I used to be like and act like they cannot believe it. They say they could never see me being like that because I am so different today. Everyone including myself can see that I did a 180 and changed my life for the better. I have let go of all my anger and sorrow from the trauma I experienced in my life. Without Marnae I do not know where I would be. She is like my angel on earth and I am truly blessed to have had her walk into my life and cha...
Lorana Johnson, MRET Testimonial
Lorana Johnson, MRET Lorana really helped me clear the things that were keeping me from moving forward in my life. I encourage her to keep doing RET. It really helps people. - Kristen, Rexburg, ID
Jill M. Whitley, MRET Testimonial
Jill M. Whitley, MRET My daughter and I worked with Jill this past summer. My daughter was struggling with multiple behavioral issues and I had exhausted my options in getting help for her. Jill was professional and respectful during the process and I gained insight not only about myself but also insight of what my daughter needed as well. I am so grateful for the opportunity we had to work with Jill.
Sandra Baker, MRET, RET Trainer Testimonial
Sandra Baker, MRET, RET Trainer My fiance died tragically and suddenly in Jan of this year. I was overcome with guilt, grief and deep sadness. I came upon Sandra who provided hope and optimism. I LOVE Rapid Eye! As the week goes by after I've had a session I continue to release and let go and get lighter and lighter. The release isn't overwhelming like I thought it might, but gradual. Instead of thinking I would feel empty, I felt more replenished with light! Thank you Sandra! I always look forward to our sessions. Lauren, ...
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Sylvia Laing, MRET
Sylvia Laing, MRET
My sessions started in February with Sylvia, the improvements to my life and well being have been wonderful. I have started a new and different life since RET has come into my life. Sylvia’s heart is