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Jana Bremer, MRET Testimonial
Jana Bremer, MRET I have been greatly blessed by this technology, but also by the sincere, sensitive and intuitive guidance of Jana Bremer. I love that she knows the scripts well enough to step away from them when the situation calls for it. She trusts her instincts and facilitates each session so effectively. I am thankful for this work. It keeps me introspecting and self-examining, and ultimately, is opening up channels of light and love in my life that have too often felt blocked to me before RET. Thank you, J...
Chelsea Peterson, MRET Testimonial
Chelsea Peterson, MRET As a teen struggling with severe depression and social anxiety, Rapid Eye Technology has given me healing and the confidence to face the world. For a long time I secluded myself from life, but because of Chelsea's warmth and love, I got to a better place. She has given me the tools to overcome my emotional trauma by showing me a more optimistic view of the world through RET. I never quite felt understood by others until Chelsea understood me, and after just one session, I was able to release pai...
Chelsea Peterson, MRET Testimonial
Chelsea Peterson, MRET When I heard that RET could instantly change the way I was feeling, I was skeptical but SO willing to try anything at that point to help my anxiety & panic attacks. After the first session I felt so relaxed. It was almost a foreign feeling for me to feel so relaxed. My body felt as if I had a massage, and my brain quit racing with thoughts. I have had 3 sessions so far with Chelsea. I love that she listens and is sincere in offering ways to help me sort out lifes issues. RET clears the clutter i...
Chelsea Peterson, MRET Testimonial
Chelsea Peterson, MRET I highly recommend a Rapid Eye session with Chelsea. I will never forget the deep connection I felt with her when I first met her. She is a very compassionate, loving open hearted person. She is a Master at Rapid Eye Technology. She is incredible at making you feel very comfortable during the entire session. I have struggled with self-sabotage throughout my life. I was amazed at what was revealed for me during the session. I had some inner child issues surface. With that I had a very powerful he...
Lynell Beckstrom, MRET, RET Master Trainer Testimonial
Lynell Beckstrom, MRET, RET Master Trainer Thank you Lynell, my RET sessions helped me finally move out of my negative family pattern! Thank you again. -Sally Nickerson Salem, Oregon
Amber Mitchell, RET Testimonial
Amber Mitchell, RET My experience with rapid eye technology has been extremely positive. Through it, Amber has helped me move past thought and behavior patterns that I have tried to overcome, unsuccessfully, for many years through traditional therapy and self-study. I truly believe that RET has facilitated changes that weren\'t possible otherwise. Amber is a warm and caring practitioner who is enthusiastic about RET and creates a safe atmosphere for learning and change. I had a positive experience after one session...
Amber Mitchell, RET Testimonial
Amber Mitchell, RET Amber is a very compassionate and personable, yet professional woman when it comes to her clients and healing sessions. In the last 6 months Amber has shown me the tools I need to cope, heal, and make positive changes in my life. I couldn't be happier with the outcome of RET compared to counseling or others ways of emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. The outcome is much quicker and subtle. Although, it's not required to share what you need or want to work on, I still chose to share my pers...
Chandra Marin, RET Testimonial
Chandra Marin, RET I have worked with Chandra for several months. One session I was worried about my ability to find employment. I was feeling trapped by the feeling that I didn't have the necessary skills to get the job of my dreams. Chandra gently smiled, and held out her hand and led me through the passage that enabled me break free of my old limiting beliefs that I was unskilled and ill prepared. I left that day and felt like I had kicked this enormous door down that had been locked and kept me from moving on ...
Chandra Marin, RET Testimonial
Chandra Marin, RET Chandra Marin is a powerful and intuitive healer who has taught, guided, and mentored me to a place of peace. A little over a year ago, I was in a very bad place where I felt I had nothing left in the world. Most of my life I have struggled with panic and anxiety and a multitude of physical ailments. I ate a very restricted diet, I worked very few hours, and I left the house as minimally as possible, and still many days I struggled to do the simplest tasks. I felt something inside needed hea...
Evelyn Cruz, RET, EMT-B Testimonial
Evelyn Cruz, RET, EMT-B I have met with Evelyn in an effort to heal domestic violence and abuse experiences from the past which kept me scared and in panic mode. After seeing her for a few sessions I notice a calm sate and feeling free from the past traumatic wounds. I went back to school and completed a medical degree I long waited to complete. My life has taken a turn for the best and all my relationships with my family and work made significant progress. I am thankful I decided to meet up and find out what life has...
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Suzan Kearney, MRET
Suzan Kearney, MRET
The point of why I'm smiling so big today is because I don't feel the need to control what and how others think of me! I am finally being me. I'm not nervous, anxious, or afraid! It's the best feeling