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Jill M. Whitley, MRET Testimonial
Jill M. Whitley, MRET My daughter and I worked with Jill this past summer. My daughter was struggling with multiple behavioral issues and I had exhausted my options in getting help for her. Jill was professional and respectful during the process and I gained insight not only about myself but also insight of what my daughter needed as well. I am so grateful for the opportunity we had to work with Jill.
Sandra Baker, MRET, RET Trainer Testimonial
Sandra Baker, MRET, RET Trainer My fiance died tragically and suddenly in Jan of this year. I was overcome with guilt, grief and deep sadness. I came upon Sandra who provided hope and optimism. I LOVE Rapid Eye! As the week goes by after I've had a session I continue to release and let go and get lighter and lighter. The release isn't overwhelming like I thought it might, but gradual. Instead of thinking I would feel empty, I felt more replenished with light! Thank you Sandra! I always look forward to our sessions. Lauren, ...
Martha Ballesteros-Shakti, MRET Testimonial
Martha Ballesteros-Shakti, MRET There are masters who draw us to them through their presence, there are those whose words ring true to us and we want to hear more and there are those rare ones that prove to be a mirror where we can see our true selves – all undeniably beautiful in their unique power to draw us out of slumber. And yet there is a fourth kind – those rare masters who are windows that reveal the rainbow colors of our own potential and innate magnificence. Masters who can not only show us what we are now, but w...
Sharron Miller, MRET Testimonial
Sharron Miller, MRET I've been able to do several sessions with Sharron and she is FANTASTIC! She is very professional, has a relaxing environment, and was able to put me at ease quickly. I learned so much about myself in this process, and even my family could see a difference in me! After two sessions my mom even suggested I go back because she knew I was dealing with some major issues and my sessions with Sharron were more effective than years of therapy! I have been able to process things in a much more positive ...
Lorana Johnson, MRET Testimonial
Lorana Johnson, MRET For as long as I can remember I have been afraid of the dark. At night time when I was little bed time was horrible for me. Thinking things were under my bed or that something would fly out of my closet and get me. I don't think this is unusual for children to feel this way, however, I never really grew out of it. As a teenager the slightest creek would send me into a full on panic attack. I would become completely frozen and not be able to move. It took every bit of strength to even reach over ...
Suzan Kearney, MRET Testimonial
Suzan Kearney, MRET I first called Suzan(honestly I was a little skeptical) in 2009 to inquire about what exactly is "this RET" I have heard about? I was in such an emotional state over what was going on in my life at the time that I wasn't even able to keep it together on the phone- it was then and there that Suzan talked me through my first experience of what she and RET had to offer. She remained calmed - talked me through it and I was amazed and how much better and encouraged I felt just from that phone call. T...
Christina Ray, RET Testimonial
Christina Ray, RET Christi has assisted me in releasing a lot of anger and sadness using Rapid Eye Technology. She helps me to recognize when I am in my limiting beliefs. I always leave the sessions with a new understanding of why I feel the way I do and with a new hopefulness that I can choose something different. -L. Johnson
Christina Ray, RET Testimonial
Christina Ray, RET It is like the stuff any councilor will go over with you but you had specifics and you cover them like the pattern cycle we did... it is what helps you to see the problems and then where to work on them. The rapid eye did help me. So Thanks again! It is something that maybe everyone doesn't or isn't open to but doesn't mean it would not help them if they were or would just try. I was a bit sceptical about the rapid eye thing and then I could feel things happening when you did mine. I am sure tha...
Christina Ray, RET Testimonial
Christina Ray, RET Thank you for doing the Rapid Eye with me. I have to tell you that it really really works. I have been having a hard time with certain negative thoughts (some comments made to me) every morning. I would wake up and boom, there they are, and going to bed, there they are. After doing the session with you, I have been able to go to bed, wake up, go through the day and not have them pounding at my brain. I even thought of the comments (I was scared to at first cause I didn't want them back), but I d...
Gloria Henricks, MA, MRET Testimonial
Gloria Henricks, MA, MRET With RET, an individual can have an instantaneous, life-changing experience after just one session or, as in my case, the changes can occur gradually and subtly over a period of time. Since childhood I have harbored self-doubt and a lack of confidence. If I had an opinion, I was afraid to express it, fearing criticism and rejection. People called me a “goody-goody” because I was so agreeable. When I met Gloria, I wanted to have the kind of confidence and self-assurance she exhibited. She ass...
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James Kearney, MRET
It was a sunny day and I decided to stop by and see Jim before I was on my way to offering acupuncture to First Responders. I am always on the \"go\"-
; mode and am used to taking charge. Well within min