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Tamara Laing, MRET
[lightreader@xmission.com] 801-589-0388
Tamara Laing, MRET
Tamara Laing, MRET

Hope For a Better World

Tamara first certified in energy therapies in 2004 and opened her business, "Hope For a Better World" in 2006. She is a gifted energy worker that has assisted clients with various labels of mental illness, sleep problems, anxiety, grief, depression, fear and abuse of all kinds. Tamara is a Positive Living Life Skills teacher who helps you make peace with your past. She is also a Reiki Master certified in Quantum Touch, Theta Healing and Vibrational Medicine. Call her for a complimentary half hour introduction at her home office. Phone sessions are also available since subtle energy is non-local, making distance work a valid option.

Certified Master Rapid Eye TechnicianContact Tamara online at www.tamarasbook.blogspot.com
or call her today.

Tamara's Story

Several years ago I was frustrated that the medical profession had more questions than answers about an illness my daughter was experiencing. She had been diagnosed with severe depression and then a bipolar type disorder. A quiet voice in my mind prompted me repeatedly to phone a woman I deeply respected but had not kept in contact with. I wondered how a busy stay-at-home mom could possibly help with trials as major as suicidal tendencies. I dialed her number, feeling a little silly.

She listened as I recounted some of the trials we'd been through. Then she said something that still stands out as being profoundly important. She asked, "So, you’ve only looked for help in the medical field?" Startled, I answered "Yes, of course. What else is there?" "Oh," she said, "there is a whole other field of medicine." "Really?" I asked incredulously. "Yes, it is called Energy Medicine," she replied in a matter-of-fact way. She said it was an alternative but complementary treatment, so we could continue the doctors’ orders while investigating if it was helpful. I believed her because she was a woman of integrity.

As it turned out, this woman, the wife of our former bishop, had become a Rapid Eye Technician also trained in other modalities. I found that Rapid Eye Technology was an eye-opening way to release stress! Sessions of RET were more than helpful, they were life-changing. My daughter's improvement at appointments was amazing, particularly to her NAMI support group. We learned and applied universal principles found in the Life Skills and in combination with forgiveness work at Graf Stress Management, my daughter made a complete turnaround, for which I praise God. He and my daughter are the reasons I am a Master Rapid Eye Technician today. Helping people to get light back in their eyes is some of the most rewarding work I have ever been a part of.

What Else Is There?

Another passion I have is researching how energy work fits with the gospel of Jesus Christ and LDS teachings. Prophets both ancient and modern have written about distance healing, a universal life-giving energy, women and spiritual gifts, generational issues and other energy medicine premises. Read about that at tamarasbook.blogspot.com where I talk about the book I am writing, What Else Is There? The site also pictures the books I've investigated on my shelfari bookshelves. Enjoy!

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This technician has 8 Testimonials.
At the encouragement of my wife, I went to Tamara for help with feelings of hopelessness, discontent in my job, and struggling to financially provide for my family. In just two sessions with her, I was able to clear away so much "emotional energy baggage" that I had the most successful sales year I've had in the 4years I've been in sales.

Tamara and her knowledge of Energy Healing modalities (including RET) helped me raise my vibrational frequency to a level I had not yet acheived on my own - resulting in greater success in business, my family relationships, and an overall general feeling of well-being.

Thank you, Tamara!


Dean Hamilton
Kaysville, UT


The time I have spent with Tamara in RET has been indescribably personal. It has been amazing to be able to work through significant pain coupled with an intense feeling of hope. These times are unforgettable, and I have a sense of peace that everything is going to be okay, and that my potential is limitless. Tamara exudes a testimony of God and Jesus Christ and the possibility of profound healing from some of life's most difficult experiences.

Holli Oram, Kaysville


Tamera is a wonderful tech. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Tamera lets her light shine and has helped me many times. I love the way she is in tune with what needs to be done and the kindness in which she has to facilitate the session. Thank you Tamera!!! Jill Whitley


I have visited Tamara various times when I have hit rock bottom. She has helped me overcome depressive moods as well as help relieve stress when life became too much. I would recommend seeing Tamara for any emotional issues anyone is suffering from. I have also seen her help others with physical ailments as well. I was surprised at how much she was willing to teach me to enable me to work on myself at home. Tamara is truly in this for the right reason. To help people and better their lives!


Tamara Laing's work, has been my first exposure to MRET.

When I heard of my daughter going to her, I was very intrigued, my own multiple experience's have been enlightening. I was amazed at the inner happiness and joy as we went though generational clearing, the spiritual confirmation that what I was releasing was affecting me, my children but also my father's and mother's.

I have since had many of my family receive sessions with her. Ignorance never saves anyone, doubt kills more of what might have been than any other thing in life. As with all spiritual events of life, your understanding is only enlightened after the trial of your faith. I encourage you, to have this event a part of your life, we each deserve to receive all the light that is being poured out into this world. "If there is any thing virtuous, lovely, of good report or praise worthy, we seek after these things."

This truly has been of great benefit in our lives.

Thomas Harris
Clinton, Utah


Hello, I am Amber Watkins. I love Rapid Eye Technology! It is such an amazing and wonderful way to relieve stress, help with emotional issues, relieve physical ailments, and to sum it up RET helps you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Tamara Laing is an awesome RET technician! She loves helping others! I know she is a firm believer in this alternative medicine of Rapid Eye Technology. She has experienced the help it brings and loves being able to help others with this awesome tool. She knows RET well and is a great RET tech!
I've received emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual relief and healing through Rapid Eye Technology. I am grateful for Tamara Laing and the time and money she spent for training in RET. She and RET are definitely a blessing in my life!


Tamara is a very gifted RET Technition,
I have had sessions with her in person and on the phone. It has been amazing how much better I feel after working with her. She has a gift of knowing just what to do. She has lots of energy and enthusiasm for the energy work that she does and wants so much to help everyone. She loves me where I am at and always helps me to feel better about myself. She encourages and teaches me all the time. I consider her to be such a great blessing in my life. S.G.L.


My name is Shane Avis. I live down the street from Tamara Laing and have known her for quite a while. When she first introduced RET to me I was a bit hesitant, but was willing to try anything for some relief of my symtoms of Bipolar Disorder. After just the first session, I was hooked. I became a believer that there were alternate treatments for stress, physical ailments, and mental/emotional disorders other than Western Medicine and Prescription Drugs. I still take some Meds for my disorder, but with the RET sessions with Tamara my life has done a compleate 180. I have had nothing but awesome, wonderful and life changing experieances with the differant Energy Work Sessions with Tamara and have refered many friends and family to her, telling them of the amazing things that can happen if you have faith in the technique. The most recent experience I had was just a week ago, I had gone to Tamara to clear some very heavy emotions I had been holding in. After the session I felt like a new person. Come to find out, I hadn't compleatly cleared everything and the next day called Tamara on the phone and finished the clearing. It was amazing that this worked over the phone and I have been back on track since then. The one thing I will say about RET is not to wait until it is past time to have your session. What I mean by this is, in my personal experience, I will wait until I am so run down and in need of a "tune-up" that it takes a lot to bring me back up to normal. I have found it is much easier to do the techniques that I can do myself and keep regular appointments with Tamara to stay feeling as good as possible. Thank You Tamara for everything you have taught me about myself and for those of you reading this, I hope you find RET as incredible and helpful as I have.
Shane Avis


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Tamara Laing, MRET
Tamara Laing, MRET
I have visited Tamara various times when I have hit rock bottom. She has helped me overcome depressive moods as well as help relieve stress when life became too much. I would recommend seeing Tamara f