Case Stories

The following cases are based on conditions reported by clients. SUD is a 0-10 subjective measurement of the level of distress where 10 is considered unbearable. Overall satisfaction uses the same 0-10 scale to measure the client’s overall experience with their RET sessions with 10 meaning complete satisfaction.

Case 1 – Shock

technician: Sandra Hofmann, MRET, CHT
yrs_experience: 17 yrs
condition/issue: Shock
sessions: 1
how_long_symptom_free: 0-1 years
overall_satisfaction: 10
sud_before: 10
story: I was asked to pick up a middle-aged man at the oral surgeon’s office after he had his two front teeth extracted after falling on the side walk while running that morning. I didn’t realize he was in shock at first. As we rode along, I realized he was shaking uncontrolably, very cold and scared of every vehicle coming our way and generally irrational. When I got him to his home, I did IRT on him. Only IRT, because I wanted to prove to myself it could work in these kinds of situations. Within three minutes, he calmed down, came out of his condition and went to bed to recover. The next week, he was scheduled to go to the oral surgeon’s office again to get another front tooth extracted and he worried that he may experience the same reaction. So, in the car, before he went into the office, I did the same IRT on him. He did not have any adverse reaction to the surgery or recovery. He didn’t even take any pain pills this time! It was amazing!

Case 2 – Emotional Numbness

technician: Mary Brooks, RET
yrs_experience: 1 yr
condition/issue: Emotional Numbness
sessions: 16
how_long_symptom_free: 0-1 years
overall_satisfaction: 10
sud_before: 0
story: I had just received my certification and I wanted to practice on someone so I approached my friend and massage therapist about trading some sessions. She agreed and said I do not have any issues though. Well after 2 sessions we realized that the reason that she did not have any issues was because she was NUMB. The Rapid Eye Sessions have opened her up to feeling more in a safe and conscious way. These feelings then unveiled a real addiction. We have been successfully working through the addiction scripts and for the first time she has more choices in her life about how she want to live it…

Case 3 – Fear of Elevators

technician: Joseph Bennette, MRET, CH
yrs_experience: 19 yrs
condition/issue: Fear of Elevators
SUD_before: 9
sessions: 1
how_long_symptom_free: 4 years
overall_satisfaction: 10
story: Client reported being debilitated by her irrational fear of elevators, which she had to use every day at work. She was about to quit her job because of her fear. She came to me because my office was on the ground level. During our session, we walked to the nearby hospital where there were elevators. We stopped now and then to do the RET Immediate Release Technique (IRT) for each twinge of fear she felt as we got closer to the object of her fear – so she felt very little discomfort throughout our session because I never let it get beyond a SUD distress level of 4. Within an hour of starting our session, she was able to ride any of the several elevators at the hospital without me along with her. She reported years later that she was having no trouble at all taking the elevators at her work and was grateful for the feeling of freedom that extended into other areas of her life.

Case 4 – Anger Management

technician: Shirley Greenfield, RET
yrs_experience: 9 yrs
condition/issue: Anger
sessions: 3
how_long_symptom_free: 0-1 years
overall_satisfaction: 10
sud_before: 8
story: I am running RET on a 5 yr old boy presenting severe anger issues. Behaviour-swearing, biting, punching, name calling, screaming etc. Parents found him unmanageable.

1st RET session was different: he screamed at me to “stop it”, got out of his chair several times; I continued RET on him across the room and he kept coming back and cried. Was much more calm coming into the next session.

Continued to run RET twice more. Behaviour wasn’t great but MUCH more appropriate! Am now running RET on specific issues. He’s doing VERY well.

Case 5 – Codependency, Relationship

technician: Laurel Davila, M.A., RET
yrs_experience: 4
condition/issue: Codependency, Relationship issues
sessions: 12
how_long_symptom_free: < 5 yrs
overall_satisfaction: 10
sud_before: 10
story: One of my clients wanted to leave her boyfriend whom she was living with at the time. She wanted to stop being codependent in her relationship with him and was at about a level 8 in terms of her feelings of distress over their relationship (on a scale of 1 to 10). At about the sixth session she moved out on her own and began going to college while working full time. By the 12th RET session she broke off her codependent relationship with him. Subsequently she and her boyfriend came in for a closure communication session. They learned the basics of how to communicate their feelings assertively with one another during that session. He was involved with addiction counseling sessions with my husband. Surprisingly a year later they called us and asked my husband and I to be the Ministers for their wedding! They are a happily married couple today, with a precious little boy. After her last RET session she was at level 0 regarding feelings of distress related to her codependency in her relationship.

Case 6 – Prosperity

name: Lori Gombart, RET
yrs_experience: 7
condition/issue: Prosperity
sessions: 1
how_long_symptom_free: < 1 yr
overall_satisfaction: 9
sud_before: 4
story: Client was not in distress, but rather conscious that her finances needed to improve so she could get further training in her new interest. We did a 45-minute session on clearing Poverty consciousness, lightworkers release and proxy for other family members supporting this pattern. The client went home and sold $70 in jewelry, which is her hobby not her regular job. It was amazing how fast our energy shifts. She looks forward to doing more sessions on other issues in her life.

Case 7 – Psychological Trauma

technician: Sandy Walker, RET
yrs_experience: 4 yrs
condition/issue: Psychological Trauma Victim
sessions: 5
how_long_symptom_free: 3-4 years
overall_satisfaction: 10
sud_before: 10
story: A woman came to me extremely desperate for hope, courage and peace. She had been raised in a radical environment. In her youth her polygamist family constantly ran from the law and when she was 18 years old she witnessed her father’s murder. She wanted to be free from the emotional ties that kept her a victim to a life-style she considered inhumane. After seven clearing sessions and seven life skills classes, she was able to emotionally walk away from her past. Three and a half years later, she is remarried, and helping her siblings find the courage and confidence to make changes in their lives as well.

Case 8 – Severe Depression

technician: MaryAine Cherry
yrs_experience: 8 years
condition/issue: Severe Depression 60+ years
sessions: 1
how_long_symptom_free: 0-1 years
overall_satisfaction: 10
sud_before: 8
story: A man came to do a ‘proxy’ session for his severely depressed father. He’s been depressed at the holidays for the son’s whole life. One proxy session released years of grief, (of tragically losing the father and husband), for the father and the grandmother! Three generations were helped. Confirmation came several months later that “dad” wasn’t depressed at Christmas 2006. The wife finally discovered her son had done a proxy session for him and that is what made the change and relieved the depression of 60 years.

Case 9 – PTSD and DID (Multiple Personality Disorder)

technician: Carol A. Goodwin, BA, MRET, RET Trainer, Reiki Master
yrs_experience: 14 yrs.
condition/issue: PTSD and DID (Multiple Personality)
sessions: about 6 months, usually one session per week
how_long_symptom_free: 5-6 years
overall_satisfaction: 10
sud_before: 10
story: Vietnam Veteran Marine was refered by a Psychologist. The Veterans Administration had given up on him. He was homeless and could not function enough to make a living, despite his two PhDs, and two M.S. degrees. Each session, at first, we did RET with the presenting personality and massage work directly after; recording the scars and things noticed on his body. During the massage, I would also do RET. Gradually each scar would disappear. After the sixth session, only RET was used – relieving each presenting personality of the trauma and cell memory. Within 6 months, this amazing client had a home and a new family. He developed and taught a new survival course at the community college. We witnessed many miracles in this man’s life. RET gave him integration, healing, and a new chance for a productive life.

Case 10 – Toothache

technician: Tamara Laing, MRET
yrs_experience: 2 yrs
condition/issue: Toothache
sessions: 1
how_long_symptom_free: 2 months
overall_satisfaction: 10
sud_before: 8-9
story: A distressed woman phoned with a terrible toothache. Her dentist said a recent root canal should have eliminated all sensation to that tooth. The woman asked for a phone appointment ASAP as her SUD level was 9. I asked which tooth pained her and looked up Donna Eden’s dental chart in the book Energy Medicine. The chart listed the meridian and organ the tooth was associated with. Then I looked up the probable emotional causes for problems with that organ in Louise Hay’s book Heal Your Body and also Karol Truman’s book Feelings Buried Alive Never Die. The client said the probable causes really fit her life situation and that her husband often complained about some of them (her inability to make decisions.) We did IRT on the probable emotional causes and I also had her tap using a Third Chakra clearing script since I knew it tied to her issue of giving up her power. Her tooth pain totally disappeared. We were both amazed at the power of this tool! I had briefly used another technique on her (Vibrational Medicine), but for the most part I used IRT. The next morning she flew out of state for a week and never had another problem. That was 2 months ago.

Case 11 – Fear of Flying

technician: Claudia Bianca, MRET, RET Trainer
yrs_experience: 17 yrs
condition/issue: fear of flying
sessions: 6
how_long_symptom_free: 2-3 years
overall_satisfaction: 10
sud_before: 10

story: Carol came to me as a bright, young executive in a sporting goods manufacturing corporation with a major block. Her job as head of Men’s Apparel included frequent flights from coast to coast. Not a problem, you say? And you would be correct except she was so afraid of flying it left her paralyzed and anxious for days after a flight and sleepless for up to a week before. Literally her job hung on this anxiety. When she came to my office, she had written her letter of resignation to the company and was planning on changing her career. After only two Rapid Eye sessions, she had to take a flight cross country. We created and practiced an imagery for her to use during the flight. When she arrived in San Francisco, I received a call from her as she excitedly shared the success she was feeling. “I did fine on this flight. My co-workers were watching me the whole flight waiting for me to ‘freak out’ like I usually do, only it NEVER happened. I feel like the work we have done with Rapid Eye Technology has opened up a whole new world for me. There’s nothing in this world I can’t handle. Thank you for your caring assistance on my journey of re-creation. You give me back hope in the healing professions. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

We worked for about six sessions on the anxieties that arose as she thought about flying, booked her flight, packed, arrived at the airport, etc. Using RET to release the emotional charge at these markers, within a very short time she found less and less anxiety when she visited them. She continued to work on changing her perspectives with Life Skills and finding a healthier, more positive way to view flying. She learned self help tools during her sessions and used them at her own discretion to keep her energy focused and working for her.

Case 12 – Car Accident

Technician: Deana Daley, RET
yrs_experience: 3 yrs
condition/issue: Recovery after Car Accident
sessions: 6
how_long_symptom_free: 2 years
overall_satisfaction: 10
sud_before: 10

In 2009 I was in a serious car accident where I and my husband were hit by a truck while we were going to a company Christmas party. In that moment my life changed. I could no longer perform the tasks that I once could. It was difficult to remember my children’s names, routine, people I once loved – the accident had wiped my past out of my memory. I was a blank slate, and I was scared. I had lost what I thought was my identity and everything about how I saw the world was forever changed. I was terrified to socialize outside the home because I feared being approached by someone who knew me before, but I could not reciprocate a greeting because I no longer remembered most of the people I was supposed to know. I could not remember to put my kids on the bus, and would miss appointments frequently. I lost everything I knew to be true about who I was.

Through all of the trauma and embarrassment I began to heal physically from the accident that had taken my memories with it. I discovered a life coach academy, which I attended. The facilitator of the training was a Rapid Eye Practitioner who gave us amazing testimonials of the effectiveness of Rapid Eye Technology on her clients. Within eight months’ time I was beginning training for the modality not knowing exactly how I was going to succeed at something so amazing. When I received my first Rapid Eye Session I was amazed at the effects. Not only did I have a healing mentally and emotionally but spiritually. I felt more like me and the other effects took only minutes to notice. I began to cry hysterically when I grasped what was happening to me. My memories – all my memories – started coming to me in visions like a great big movie screen. I remembered the good, the bad, and then with new skills for living remembered the divine lesson in this horrible accident I had experienced – from a whole new perspective.

Deana Daley, RET