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Continuing Education

Continuing Education at the Rapid Eye Institute
Continuing Education

The Rapid Eye Technology (RET) Institute is a licensed vocational career school with courses available in complete home study course format. Courses consist of manuals, books, CDS, DVDS, and a personal advisor. The full RET course consists of four phases - three are available for Continuing Education Units (CEUs):

  1. Immediate Release Techniques (IRT). There is a certificate for completing this phase. When registering for this one course the price is ($900 +S&H).
  2. Learning and facilitating New Skills for life. A certificate to teach these skills is given upon completion of this phase... When registering for this one course only the price is ($900 +S&H).
  3. Life Coaching. A certificate is given upon completion of this phase... When registering for this one course only the price is ($900 +S&H).

For those on a budget, those wishing to avoid debt, and those seeking Continuing Education Units (CEUs), the RET Institute offers the first three phases of the RET course in 9 lessons or segments each at $100 per lesson (+ s/h). Complete all nine lessons to complete the phase. It's a great way to get started. Certified RET Technicians may register for any of the above phases or lessons for the cost of materials (+s/h). Call the Institute for details.

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RET Technician Continuing Education Requirements

The Rapid Eye Institute requires continuing education as part of the annual certification renewal. Advancements in the field of energy medicine, psychology, neuroscience, as well as ongoing research and development of the RET model dictate that technicians continue to update and upgrade their skills in this dynamic field.

Students are encouraged to go through certification as many times as they wish as a new student, or, as they feel confident, they are invited to staff.

Staffing consists of coaching a new student while they are processing a session on another student. Technicians coming to staff assist trainers. This counts toward 100-hour practicum requirement (12 hrs per staffing).

A Continuing Education fee will be charged each time you attend a RET Certification for all returning staff and students (see Continuing Education registration form for details).

Technician Support is ongoing from the Rapid Eye Institute. Among many support benefits you receive we list you on the RET Technician Directory on the web site. We can add you to our online discussion group and subscribe you to the Rapid Eye Institute's online newsletter. We also offer a RET Technician's only Forum.

Master RET Certification: This certificate requires an additional 100 hours of practice. Attend an MRET Certification Workshop to certify mastery on all RET skills.

Suggestions for CEU's

(most courses listed below are available in our online store)
  • Staff a RET Certification
  • Advanced Skills for Living Classes
  • Inner Child Workshop
  • Addictions Program Course
  • Depression Program Course
  • Chakra Manuals
  • Enneagram Course
  • Advanced RET Workshop
  • MRET Certification Workshop
  • Reiki Attunements
  • Chakra Workshop
  • RET Leadership Immersion - Souls with Stamina
  • Family Matrix Realignments and Rapid Eye Technology