RET Technician Skill Levels

You are assured that the RET Technician displaying one of the certificates below is highly trained and experienced in the Rapid Eye Technology techniques and processes required to effectively deal with your issues. Certified Rapid Eye Technicians (RET) complete a rigorous course of instruction with supervised course completion evaluations and many hours of practicum to qualify. Master Rapid Eye Technicians (MRET) must complete additional training with an additional 100 hours practicum.

Rapid Eye Technician
Certified Rapid Eye Technician

Every Rapid Eye Technician (RET) has received training and demonstrated proficiency in the following:

  • Basic stress release tools and techniques
  • Immediate Release Technique (IRT)
  • Emergency Process
  • Skills for Life Coaching
  • RET Self Care
  • All Rapid Eye Technology Wand* Techniques and Processes
  • 12 Sessions of Integrated techniques and processes
  • Client care and safety
  • Basic understanding of the RET model
  • Ethics
  • 100 hours practicum

Master Rapid Eye Technician
Certified Master Rapid Eye Technician

Master RETs have completed training in all skills, techniques and processes listed above plus:

  • Completed the Advanced RET Course
  • Mastery and understanding of the purpose of the wand techniques and processes
  • Integration of IRT and Emergency Processes in a RET session
  • Skill in identifying a non-productive pattern and techniques for processing that pattern
  • Knowledge of how to use body walks and cognitive processes to address each issue
  • Skills in utilizing special techniques for achieving specific outcomes
  • Additional skills for working with groups
  • Skills specific to telephone sessions
  • 100 hours more practicum

Rapid Eye Technology Trainer
Certified Rapid Eye Technology Trainer

This level of practice includes all skills, techniques and processes listed above plus:

  • Facilitation skills specific to Rapid Eye Technology Training
  • Presentation skills specific to Rapid Eye Technology training
  • Leadership skills
  • Marketing concepts and skills
  • Specialized techniques and processes for achieving training goals
  • Extensive experience with Rapid Eye Technology in many situations and environments

* The RET eye directing device is known as a wand. It is approximately 18 inches long and is an integral part of Rapid Eye Technology.