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The Rapid Eye Technology Course provides everything you need to become a Certified Rapid Eye Technician right in the comfort of your own home.

  • Learn cutting edge concepts and techniques based on more than 20 years of research and development.
  • Discover the safe, fast, natural processes, techniques and tools to assist you and your clients in releasing core issues of stress and trauma without reliving incidents.

The Rapid Eye Technology (RET) Institute is a licensed vocational career school with courses available in complete home study course format. The total price for this exciting new career is $5,100. You may (save s/h costs) or follow the pay as you go program with the following 4 phases. Shipping and handling is free of charge when you pay for the print version of the entire course. The course consists of manuals, books, CDS, DVDS, an Eye Directing Device, and a personal advisor. Certification can be done on site or through the mail with video demonstrating skills necessary to process clients effectively. The full RET course consists of four phases:

  1. NOW in digital format - take Phases One, Two, and Three of the RET Course on your desktop computer or tablet.
    Phase One - Immediate Release Techniques (IRT). You will receive a certificate upon completion of this phase. This phase qualifies for CEUs. Available in 2 formats:
  2. Phase Two - Learning and facilitating New Skills for life. You will receive a certificate upon completion of this phase. This phase qualifies for CEUs. Prerequisite: Completion of Phase One. Available in 2 formats:
  3. Phase Three - Life Coaching. A certificate is given upon completion of this phase. This phase qualifies for CEUs. Available only in print format at this time. Prerequisite: Completion of Phase One and Phase Two. Available in 2 formats:
  4. Phase Four - Rapid Eye Technology techniques and processes - putting the other 3 phases together into a complete model. A certificate is given upon completion of this phase, which includes a four and one half day live RET Certification or by making arrangements to provide video evidence of skill acquisition. Prerequisite: completion of the first three phases. Click Here to Register Now

For those on a budget, those wishing to avoid debt, and those seeking Continuing Education Units (CEUs), the RET Institute offers the first three phases of the RET course in 9 lessons or segments at $145 each (digital only) or $1200 for the entire phase (print version add s/h). Complete all nine lessons to complete the phase. It's a great way to get started. Click here to get started! Call for details. 503-399-1181.

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