Debbi Spendlove, MRET, RET Trainer

Debbi Spendlove 435-770-1136
Debbi Spendlove 435-770-1136

Logan, Utah


Hello, my name is Debbi Spendlove. I am a Master Rapid Eye Technician and Master RET Trainer, Hypnotherapist,  Personal Development and Leadership Facilitator, Life Skills Coach, Reiki Master and Instructor, Foot Zoner, and Intuitive Healer.

I was introduced to Rapid Eye 26 years ago during my divorce.  It came as a Godsend; I was struggling terribly with the guilt of a failed marriage and the overwhelming realization that I now needed to support myself and my children.  As I began my healing process with Rapid Eye I was amazed at how easily and quickly I was able to move through the hurt, anger and guilt.  In the first 6 months of RET I made more progress in healing than in the previous 17 years of searching for answers. I began to understand my limiting beliefs and how they had created my life experiences.

The RET process helped me identify and heal past traumas and start creating a more positive life journey.  It was then I knew that I had to become trained in RET and share the benefits that I had received with others.  I am so grateful for all that Rapid Eye has done to improve my life. I have been a Rapid Eye technician for 8 years now and have loved the journey.

As a Master Rapid Eye Technician, RET Trainer, and Life Skills Coach, I can guide you through this amazing process of self-discovery and healing.  If you are interested in achieving faster, deeper healing please contact me for a Rapid Eye session; I believe that you’ll be glad you did.

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