Francie Moss, MEd, RET

Francie Moss 405-740-7057
Francie Moss

El Reno, Oklahoma


Do you want to release stress, trauma and all the junk that is holding you back from living your authentic life? RET simulates REM sleep, your body’s own natural release. This powerful quick release happens without reliving the trauma.

Francie has spent the last 30 years in Higher Education and believes that education is the key to changing your life. She fell in love with the body’s energy system after completing the first level training of Healing Touch in 2011. Francie is certified to the third level in Healing Touch and the first level in The Seva Stress Release.

Francie found RET by searching for information on rapid eye movement to help with her daughter’s severe depression. RET is definitely the life changer she was looking for.

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