Jacqueline Chapman, MRET

Jacqueline Chapman (406) 570-4440
Jacqueline Chapman
(406) 570-4440

Arroyo Grande, California




Welcome to this space of Choosing Greater~ For You, For The Planet, For All Of Humanity.

It is an Immense Space.


I’ve spent a lifetime in the healing fields… with people, with animals, with the earth.  I’ve always known that the body’s innate intelligence to heal is within the body itself.  What if a happy, healthy body contributes more to the earth’s sustainability than we could ever imagine?


I was introduced to RET in 2006 and with those amazing sessions, for the first time in my life I was able to

begin to ‘untangle’ the very stuck areas of my life and living.  RET has remained a cornerstone in my toolbox of

the healing modalities I use that has created miracles in my life and the lives of many of my clients.


I offer RET Sessions in person (in my beautiful office in Arroyo Grande, California), online, or on your phone.

Sessions can be one on one, couples, families, or groups.  I also offer sessions for animals and their people.


I have found RET super helpful with lifting the deeply held emotions we sometimes don’t know how else to take care of that can become very stuck in the body and often worsen over time.  Emotional traumas can also lay in wait for the ‘perfect storm’ to simulate the events of a past trauma, knocking a person totally out of being present with what is actually creating.  This can affect so many areas of your life and may not even be able to be recognized as the root cause of something you have been asking to change that just can’t seem to change.


RET works brilliantly with the body’s natural systems to create more ease in the body.


Here are a few of the words of gratitude spoken by former RET clients~


“I’m hyperventilating.  After the series of sessions with you this weekend everything I asked for has

shown up today in spades and it’s only Monday!”  JL


“How can I ever thank you?  The RET Sessions changed my whole life.  When I first saw you it had been 

2 years since I had been raped and too afraid to say anything in my small community.  I could not get beyond it 

no matter what I tried to do.  Choosing the RET Sessions with you was the best choice I ever made and it changed everything!  Thank You so so much!”  HK


“Jacque, I appreciate how you have enriched my life”  RB


“The RET session you did for our family when our beloved dog was dying of cancer and we were having such a hard time with all of it was amazing!  While I received the session and my husband layed on the blanket next to our dog, he told me later that somewhere in the session the ‘smell of death’ that had been on our sweet dog LEFT completely.   It wasn’t easy to say good bye and we are so grateful for all that that session changed for all of us. Thank You”  EC



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