James Kearney, MRET

Eagles at Ease
723 Cowan Ave
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Losing a great friend (Viet Nam Vet) who took his life to ease the pain of PTSD sent me on a path to find ways to help people heal and transform beyond PTSD.

I’ve studied and practiced:

  • Health Kinesiology
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • CISM

Using prayer as my foundation, I have been a witness to amazing healing: as a Peer Counselor and body-worker after 9/11 for 9/11 families; and being a 9/11 family member myself, as well as a grief-stricken NYC Firefighter, I also went on a journey of my own healing.

I have many angels to thank along the way – especially my own angel who led me to find and study RET. This is the most painless and effective modality I have either experienced or practiced in ten years of this type of work.

I thought EMDR was miraculous, but RET takes eye movement stress/trauma release to quantum leaps!!!

As someone who once wore the dual hats of victim and responder, it is my honor to bring this Rapid Eye Technology to the tired but dauntless healing community of New Orleans. The world needs to know a new word, Post Traumatic Growth. And RET can make that road much easier and faster.

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