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Restore Happiness to You in the ‘Blink of An Eye’

In 1993, I discovered the benefits of Rapid Eye Technology (RET). I was walking around in a world of depression, grief and emotional turmoil. My world was gray. I figured out how to survive carrying all those “cooties”, but I wasn’t happy. Since I had been through a few years of therapy up until then, I figured this was as good as life was going to be.

My brother, Rick, had died the year before. He had been my trusted best friend, for all of my 36 yrs. The loss sent me into a healing crisis of epic proportions. His death triggered the cellular and subconscious memories of even more abuse issues that were buried within. As they surfaced, I was overwhelmed and paralyzed; feeling useless, and beginning to think that a bullet to the brain would be a good thing.

Then I reconnected with a friend and energy therapist who had just returned from RET training. She said “try this technique, it will help.” I didn’t believe her but I was curious and desperate enough to try anything.

I didn’t understand what happened in that first session, but I do know I felt better…lighter, as if something heavy got lifted off of me. So I continued my sessions and was amazed at the mountain of negativity that got removed from my body, heart, and mind. My physical health improved as well. RET neutralized the pain of my past.

My world had color for the first time. I saw the blue of the skies and green of the trees ! I had more room in my head for thinking! Previously, my mind had been a traffic jam of negative self talk and debilitating, subconscious belief systems.

How It Works

Ret uses systematic movement of eyes and eyelids, (eyelid aerobics) rapid verbal communication and special imageries that affect a release of stressful emotions and negative patterns. A Rapid Eye Technician simulates rapid eye movement (REM) with an eye directing device (wand) moving in a neuro- linguistic pattern in front of the client’s eyes. While that is going on, the technician is telling/reminding the neuropathways of the brain to release the stressful emotion. The process of RET gets the right and left hemispheres of the brain communicating, which facilitates the release of trapped stored trauma. In a nutshell, RET is a fast way to clear the negative belief systems that exist in your subconscious mind. Those subconscious belief systems always win over the conscious mind. So if you’re not having the life experience you would prefer than think about having a session of RET.

Ret works quickly. The center recommends 6-12 sessions, depending on the severity of the issue. Clients can release abuse issues, chronic pain, emotional triggers and negative patterns, in a short time. It can release the energy of traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, addictions and more.

I have been a trained Master Rapid Eye Technician since 1996. I resonate deeply with this unusual healing modality. I’ve always dreamed of helping others help themselves.

I feel very passionate about this process and about transforming negative attitudes and emotions into positive ones. I believe as we heal ourselves we help to heal the earth. It is a priveledge and our responsibility to change our pain to joy

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