Jill M. Whitley, MRET and Lowell Whitley, RET

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Jill M. Whitley

Lighten Your Path
972 Chambers Street, Ste 5
South Ogden, Utah 84403




We have opened a Light Center in beautiful South Ogden. Our company name is Lighten Your Path. We are dedicated to serving you and provide an environment for positive change through unconditional love, honor, education and community.

Mission Statement:

Assisting others to: Tap into light and the body’s natural ability to heal. Reach their highest potential by awakening to the goodness in themselves and in others. And allowing them to create new choices, build healthy relationships, and lighten their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual paths

We offer:

Certified Master RET TechnicianCertified Master Rapid Eye Technician
Free 30 min consultation
Personal RET/RIT sessions
Group RET/RIT sessions
Phone sessions
Reconnective Healing – As seen on Dr. Oz
Emotional Freedom Technique – Also known as “tapping” as seen on Dr. Oz
Hydro-colon Therapy – Using the FDA approved Libbe unit
Skills for Life classes – Check our website calendar for dates and times
In a spirit of gratitude we welcome you!

About Jill:

Master Rapid Eye Technician: 2004
Hydro-colon Therapist: 2009
Reconnective Healing: 2011

Jill has worked with people from all walks of life. She doesn’t counsel her clients; she simply assists them to find answers within themselves. Human BEINGS have an inner knowing that can get so covered with the weight and stress of life, that people sometimes forget who they are. Through Lighten Your Path’s services, ideas and tools answers will come. They are there. We just have to wake them up.

Sessions are by appointment:

Contact Us at:


Lighten Your Path


Website: lightenyourpath.net

Email: lightenyourpath@yahoo.com

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