Kassandra Nielsen, RET Advanced Technician

Kassandra Nielsen (385) 281-3954
Kassandra Nielsen
(385) 281-3954

St. George, Utah

(385) 281-3954


Kassandra Renae Nielsen, founder of TheWholeSoul utilizes training in Rapid EYE Technology (RET), along with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to empower people to change thought systems that no longer serve them.  In RET we have various tools we utilize to interrupt pattern(s) on a mind, body, soul level.  Paramount to this process is RET: a technical, educational, and spiritual model to release trapped trauma at the root of the problem within the body. This process is paramount to the rediscovering of The Whole Soul. This is done by using the neuroscience of REM sleep cycles while awake. It taps into the body’s natural defences that accumulate trauma. Kassandra is deeply versed in trauma having experienced, childhood abuse and neglect, sexual abuse, and dealing with the murder of the father of her children, to name a few. Thus, learning how to cope and rewire her own brain first hand through these same tools, along with utilizing tools to stay away from old thought systems. Kassandra is passionate about sharing the tools she learned of hope and healing after trauma. Being a highly spiritual individual, she deems it crucial to honor and validate the body, and the body’s natural response systems. This is done by creating a safe healing environment for you, where your body is honored, then taking those steps forward to rewire your own brain along with your body’s natural response systems, working together to learn new ways to think and feel thus, truly stepping into who you really are!


How I became a Rapid Eye Technician.


“I was working my typical nine to five, just trying to make some extra money. I worked the early morning shift and became very good at a morning routine of prayer and meditation. I could feel a shift in me upon doing this. I started to receive more inspiration and direction, I began to write things down that would come to me. Neuroscience started coming up frequently, I’ve  always been drawn to this area and studied on my own, at my leisure. Logically I thought, how does one just “pick up” neuroscience on a professional level? I began praying for more guidance and direction.


One day when I was working, the thought came to me “I need to go back to school.” The next day l called my previous college to ask what I need to do, in order to pick up my degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I made the call, to my surprise no one answered so, I left a message. No one called me back. The next day I called again and still, nothing. I prayed some more, hoping for more answers. Called a few days after that, same result.


While waiting, and praying, the thought kept coming to me, call the Rapid Eye Institute. I did, I spoke with the founder and she answered every question with ease. Upon speaking with them, I was informed that Rapid Eye Technology is all under the Neuroscience category. I was floored. I told them I’d think about everything. Basic training was well out of my budget at that time, being a single Mom of four growing children, that was a huge hiccup for me, as much as it all started to fit. That night I prayed heavily for the right answer, that I would know which direction I needed to go, in order to follow my life’s purpose and achieve the greatest good for all.


The next day I received a call back from The Rapid Eye Institute, I answered immediately, they told me  “We just received a donation for a scholarship and we want you to have it, it’s enough to get you started, and as a side note, in certain cases we allow payment options, if that is at all why you can’t or don’t want to start at this time. Of course, the choice is yours.” In that moment I was overwhelmed with complete gratitude, the second I hung up I began to cry, I knew it was right. I knew that was my answer. I finally accepted the beauty and synchronicity of the whole situation, and completely went for it.


Also, as a last note,  I never heard back from my previous college, despite the countless calls and voice messages”


My point in sharing my journey with you?  If you are here reading this, maybe you need answers in the same way I did and you were brought here for a purpose. I do not believe in coincidences. Please, don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel inclined. Thank you. Yours truly,



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