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Kay Porter

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I love my work. I enjoy helping people change their lives and become happier and more peaceful. I admire the courage and enthusiasm of my clients, and their willingness to do things differently to be happy and gain more satisfaction from their lives.

I do three things in my private practice:

  1. General counseling for the “worried well.”
  2. Mental Training and peak performance consultation/coaching for athletes of all ages, as well as performers and business people.
  3. Coach the “Spirited Walkers” marathon training group (an 8 month program to coach and train people to walk the Eugene and Portland Half/Full marathons).

My approach is eclectic and positive. I employ Energy Counseling to help create emotional and behavioral changes in my clients. I use Imagery/visualization, Affirmations/Mantras, Rapid Eye Technology and various tapping modalities. I am also happy to listen, helping them find solutions to various issues or problems in their lives.

I’ve been in private practice 33 years. I’m the author of a best selling sport/mental preparation book, THE MENTAL ATHLETE. I use mental training techniques with all my clients. My approach is positive and upbeat, and I help people achieve their goals and positive results in their lives.

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