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Kym Nichols

Ogden, Utah


About Kym Nichols:

  • Master Rapid Eye Technician (MRET)
  • Owner and Manager of Bio Health Center Nutrition in N. Ogden, UT
  • Current student of CCNH (Clayton College of Natural Health) finishing a B.S.
  • Degree in Natural Health with a concentration in Herbology and Homeopathy.
  • Certified in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFTc)
  • Certified in Emotional Stress Integration (ESIc) using BioMeridian Technology
  • Therapeutic Touch
  • Certified in Kinergetics (Kinesiology and Healing Energy) Stress Correction
  • Certified in BioMeridian Stress Assessment System Operation and Balancing with Herbology, Homeopathy, Vitamins and RET (Reflex Emotional Therapy) using homeopathy to assist in balancing of Chakra centers relating to emotional, spiritual and physical energy disruptions experienced by the client.
  • NCMA (Nationally Certified Medical Assistant) Training at Stevens Henager. I currently work one day a week for Dr. Paul Barney M.D. who specializes in Acupuncture and TCM. (Traditional Chinese Medicine) who has trained me in various Chinese healing modalities and in assisting his clients with Meridian assessments, nutritional education, RET and Detoxification programs for healing.

FREE classes held on Thursdays, 7:00pm – 8:30 pm, At Bio Health Center Nutrition office in North Ogden, UT, taught by Kym. Life Skills and Chakra Centers series. Please call first, seating is limited. (801) 710-0974

How RET has helped me:

Kym Nichols 801-782-4569 801-710-0974Like so many others, I had struggled through many hardships in life. From growing up second to the oldest in a family of 9 children, a mother divorced and remarried 3 times, my sister and I being molested as a child, marrying at age 17 to get away from it all only to find more physical and emotional abuse in my two failed marriages, having my closest sister commit suicide at age 27, alcohol and prescription drug addictions as my own sexual abuse issues surfaced. Even so, I had always prided myself on my ability to self analyze, read a good self help book and move on.

But life kept presenting the same old patterns to me in my relationships, getting more and more difficult to live with it all, suicidal many times myself I was placed on various anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, and sleeping pills etc. as I just couldn’t find peace, I was literally falling apart, choosing to sleep my life away. About this time I had done some serious investigating into depression and its causes, I started to eat better, exercise more, and went into traditional therapy for 4 years. I was feeling better but not at peace with myself, couldn’t feel emotions. I was at this time estranged from my family due to breaking the “family Secret” of the sex abuse.

My Mother developed cancer and passed away, I didn’t attend the funeral due to the pain of her hate for me. Things would start to get a little better then become worse again. I was searching the net for info on how to help depression when Gary Craig’s info on EFT came up, I was intrigued as I had dabbled in energy work with the BioMeridian Training through Dr Barney and I wanted more, so I sent for his programs, studied and practiced on myself and family, was great but somehow I felt I wasn’t getting there fast enough, then a friend at work introduced me to Carol Tuttle’s CD’s , I immediately resonated with her energy and got on her site, she was just offering her first “Boot camp Training” for your own Energy Psychology business.

I signed up, attended, loved how my energy was shifting, I started using gems as energy medicine, my life was changing so fast. I started assisting Carol at her seminars and signed up for RET Training and had RET sessions done for me, within the first session I was able to heal my relationship with some of my family members, and spiritually healed my relationship with my deceased mother and sister. Changes in me were so profound that my husband decided he wanted to have RET done with him. I now can honestly say I love myself and my life, I do what I love and I love what I do. I am me again! A much stronger, clearer, positive, effective, and joyful co-creator of my life than ever before. ♥

We All Have Emotional Blocks…

Clearing Them Does Not Need To Take Years.

You Can Clear Your Emotional Blocks in Minutes! Let Me Assist You through RET & EFT to remember your wholeness and how adored and pure in spirit you are as was I through these modalities along with homeopathic emotional therapy modalities which can help with the following :

Just Imagine…

  • putting the Brakes on Emotional Eating (stuffing emotions)
  • Living a Stress-Free Life
  • Blasting your Walls to True Intimacy
  • Self-Confidence Replacing Self-Doubt
  • Learning How to Increase your “Attractor Factor” (money, love, health)
  • A magnified Self-Awareness (you can’t heal what you can’t feel)
  • More Fully Realizing and Expressing Your Natural Gifts
  • Self-Expression without Fear of Rejection
  • There are No Limits To Your Desires
  • Getting in alignment with the new Desire and learning how to launch it!

Kym accepts the following payment methods:
Cash, Master Card, Visa, or Discover

Kym offers phone sessions, Group sessions and individual private sessions. Phone Sessions with package discounts.

Kym’s fees are as follows or email her at

One Single 60 min Phone session : $100.00

Package of 4 – 60 minute sessions is: $260.00 which is a savings of $140.00

Phone Sessions are amazing!!! I direct your session and facilitate your healing on the phone!! Yes, it is wonderful to be in the comfort of your own home and feel your stress melt away. I set an intention that you receive the same fantastic results as my in-person client sessions. At least 60% of my business is phone sessions. I instruct exact methods of any processes your spirit is calling for during your unique session.

Rapid Eye Technology is the tool you have been searching for. I am the perfect facilitator for you. I am gifted with intuition and am able to cut to the core issues expressed by the client. I live with a keen sensitivity to the Spirit. I am a Master Level Rapid Eye Technician with years of experience and training in many different modalities in order to utilize along with RET what process your spirit is needing to complete the goal of coming to a deep and profound resolve of clearing old beliefs and the negative “I can’ts” that were formed at birth and throughout childhood. I have the ability to facilitate your journey to wellness and return to wholeness.

My unique focus is balance. Profound results will occur. My program is uniquely created for each individual client. Call me to ask questions and learn more about living in JOY !!!

Single and Package session Discounts :

Single Private Session: 90 minute $120.00

1-Person 60 minute 4- Sessions pkg $400.00 (savings of $80.00)

1-Person 75 minute 6- Sessions pkg $ 540.00 (savings of $60.00)

1-Person 90 minute 12-Sessions pkg $960.00 (savings of $240.00) $80.00 each

Senior Citizens and Disability Discount prices available, please call: 801-782-4569 or 801-710-0974


2 in group: $675.00 per person for 6-90 minute sessions

3 in group: $600.00 per person for 6-90 minute sessions

4 in a group: $450.00 per person for 6 two hour sessions

5 in a group: $360.00 per person for 6-two hour sessions

6 in a group: $300.00 per person for 6-two hour sessions

Biomeridian Body Scans special discount : $45.00 per session

I wish you the best — peace, love, good health, and prosperity !!!

Kym Nichols, MRET

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