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  1. LaDawn is wonderful. The last few days have been wonderful. I haven’t felt this good for a long time.

  2. This is amazing! The first few sessions I cried, but now the pain is gone. I am not a victim anymore! I feel like a whole new person since I started 7 weeks ago. I am grateful, empowered, joyful, lovable, and forgiving. I have learned skills to think in positive terms about my experiences and circumstances in my life.

  3. I am truly grateful for LaDawn and the Rapid Eye Technology process. The benefits I have seen in my life through working with her have been nothing short of miraculous. 
    When I came to her I was in crisis, dealing with serious depression and many negative self-beliefs. I’ve had many of these deep-seated beliefs for years – decades even – and they have been debilitating in my life. Through the RET process and counseling with/learning from LaDawn, I have been able to process and release painful and deep emotions from my childhood. RET has also helped me to replace unhealthy self-beliefs and paradigms with positive ones.
    The amount of progress I have made in the past weeks seeing LaDawn is absolutely remarkable. I have replaced doubt with hope, self-loathing with self-love, anxiety with peace and darkness with light. My depression has disappeared and been replaced with optimism and excitement for the future. I would, without hesitation, recommend LaDawn to anyone who is struggling with depression, anxiety, emotional pain and psychological trauma of any kind.

  4. “I want to let you know how instrumental you’ve been in my journey over the last year. Your Rapid Eye Technology therapy was wonderful and surprising in a number of ways.
    I think it helped shift me out of a bad place with my golf as well as reinforced some things I needed to hear about my life in general, including some ideas of self worth and confirmation of my value in the whole scheme of this madness.
    So thank you for helping me find some things inside me I was struggling to find!!”

  5. I found out that I could do a RET session over the phone, and initially I was EXTREMELY skeptical and apprehensive about trying it out. I felt I wouldn’t receive the same results as an in-person session and that I couldn’t follow along with the eye movements over the phone. I decided to at least try LaDawn’s introductory session since it was affordable and I’d be able to get a feel for how I could follow along with the eye movements over the phone.

    After my first session, I experienced amazing results and realized it wasn’t as hard as I thought to follow and do the eye movements. LaDawn is very thorough and vivid which allowed me to seamlessly follow her commands with minimal effort. She gently reminds you of what to do and when to do it. I believe you’re more aware of what to do because you’re usually doing a session in a quiet, comfortable location in the privacy of your home. This means there’s no traveling, no gas money, no traffic to fight through to get there on time, and no undue added stress before the session!

    I am very grateful I didn’t allow my skepticism and apprehensions to hinder me from experiencing this wonderful therapy that has no limitation in location and only requires willingness, openness, and a phone connection.

  6. After a session I feel more capable of handling whatever comes my direction, and whatever happens. I have more control over how I react. I feel empowered!

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