Laura Schakosky, RET Advanced Technician

Laura Schakosky 214-642-6829
Laura Schakosky

Dallas, Texas

(214) 642-6829

The first time I experienced Rapid Eye was in 1992. My goal was to release pent-up emotions from the past that was impacting success in my business and personal life. I wasn’t expecting that Rapid Eye would completely transform my way of looking at life so quickly and shift my career focus in a totally new direction.
Today, I’m a certified Rapid Eye Technician who works with entrepreneurs to connect them with the soul of their business, while releasing anything that’s standing in the way of their success.
When we work together, I’ll use Rapid Eye Technology and Skills for Life Training to help you become present to what’s really going on in your heart, which ripples into other areas of life. You’ll be able to break free of addictions, blocks, patterns, habits, and traumas all stemming from past issues. Each session releases a lot of stress quickly, creating a clearing for ah-ha moments, so you can quickly move forward to manifest a life you love.
My work as a Soul Therapist integrates many other healing modalities as well such as Chakra Healing and Aromatherapy, Akashic Records Readings, Face Readings, Alchemy, Astrology, Shamanic Journeys and Soul Retrieval work.


No matter what you are working on in your life currently, on the other side is pure potential and your ability to share all of the gifts and talents that only you have in an impactful way. You can book your sessions with me at 

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