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Serving Albany, Corvallis, and the mid-Willamette Valley area.

Leslie Romine 541-917-8462Have you reached that place where staying where you’ve been is no longer an option?

Do you seek freedom from stress, pain and patterns of behavior that keep you stuck? Do you want more than anything, the freedom to live the life you’ve always wanted to live?

Rapid Eye Technology can help you recreate life the way YOU want it!

Whole, Happy and Full-filled!

When I first discovered the amazing effects Rapid Eye had in my life I knew I had to share this with as many others as I could! Years of stress, limiting beliefs and patterns just gone! Quickly and easily, gone! I’ve experienced what this truly life-changing, healing work can offer others in many life situations and I know it can help you!

If you are READY to experience a NEW and happier YOU, give me a call!

The miracle of Rapid Eye Technology is a natural, safe way to release stress, trauma and unwanted patterns to re-pattern your life. This is done easily and quickly without having to relive any of the trauma. It utilizes your body’s own natural release system: REM sleep. Rapid Eye Technology uses blinking, eye movements, imagery, and stress reduction energy work to help release stressful emotional, mental, physical and spiritual patterns that allows Rapid Healing.

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