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Marcelle Stegelmeier

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Hi, I am Marcelle Stegelmeier, Master Rapid Eye Technician. I do private and group sessions. I also teach life skills as well as an eight week course called Journey to Joy, a course about living and being in Joy. I also do phone sessions and Journey to Joy classes over the phone. Call to schedule a session and find out when the next course will be offered. Your Journey to Joy is ready to begin.

About Marcelle Stegelmeier

My life has been blessed by the benefits of energy healing, and it is my desire to assist others in remembering their wholeness and experience a life of joy and fulfillment. Individual sessions and group sessions allow you to change your thinking and therefore you change your world. You will also learn safe, effective, and simple techniques that help to relieve stress immediately. You can change old destructive habits, and shift your perspective and approach in relationships. You can begin creating more healthy and productive relationships today!

In 2001 my husband and I served a mission facilitating 12 step addiction recovery groups for pornography addicts and their wives. This experience led me to further education and certification gleaning insight into why we do what we do even if it isn’t getting us what we want and how to turn our lives around. I also gained experience in overcoming codependency, control, fear, anger, and how to best assist my family, myself, and many others through adversity, trauma, abuse, depression, etc. I have been working in the field of Energy Psychology since 2004 helping others find their personal Journey to Joy.

I am committed to assisting spiritual growth. I create and sponsor leading edge processes in personal growth, communication skills, and empowerment through Rapid Eye Technology sessions, and workshop facilitation. The classes, workshops, and seminars I teach are ones that I have experienced for myself, from which I have seen amazing, transformational, and joyful results.

About Working Together

Private sessions last from 70 to 90 minutes. Usually a client will come on a weekly basis for 6-8 sessions. The first and second visit are paid for at the first session and each subsequent session is paid at the time of scheduling. By paying for a block of 8 sessions up front you save $200 in fees. I am excited and looking forward to Our Journey to Joy together.

So let’s get started shall we!

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