Margaret Riding, MRET

Margaret Riding 435-851-4534
Margaret Riding 435-851-4534

Ephraim, Utah


What a delightful journey this has been for me. As I began training with Ranae Johnson and the Rapid Eye Institute over 15 years ago, I acquired skills to assist my family and friends as well acquiring a multitude of new friends in the Rapid Eye community and in my Ephraim practice.

My interest in RET was peaked when I read Ranae’s book “Winter’s Flower” at Costco while my husband shopped for electronic equipment. My seven year old son, who was born with Down Syndrome, consistently challenged me with his impulsive and OCD behaviors, his angry outbursts and running away. My repertoire of tools to assist him was running low and I was captivated with the possibilities that I saw in this book. I experienced hope as I focused on receiving this training as soon as possible. I had fifteen children at home at the time and was working on my Master’s Degree in School Counseling, yet I was certain that this training held the key to successfully working with my son.

As I cultivated the skills under the caring tutelage of Ranae Johnson and staff at the Institute, I made excellent progress and realized much success and witnessed remarkable changes in my son’s behavior.

I Love working within the extensive range of options available to me in my practice. My life has been changed for good because of Rapid Eye Technology.

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