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Monica Taylor

Bountiful, Utah


My journey with Rapid Eye began back in 2006. My daughter had ran away from home at the age of 16, and I was worried sick. Then, a year later, out of nowhere she came back saying things would be different. I was relieved and excited for a new beginning with her. A month later, she announced she was pregnant, moving out, and getting married. At the end of my rope I took her to a Rapid Eye Technician. We went to a few sessions and I quickly realized she was not ready for change, but I was. That was when I learned the biggest lesson of my life. Through my own Rapid Eye sessions and the Skills for Life classes I came to understand that the “only person I can change is me”. I can’t control the world around me; however, I can choose how I feel about it. I can creat a life I want, even if those around me choose to stay stuck. I became a Rapid Eye Technician to assist people in discovering that their own happiness doesnt depend on others. By using the Skills for Life principles and Rapid Eye Technology, people can experience growth on many levels. Gaining a new learning and understanding, they can experience a different feeling in life and in relationships.

My intention is to help those who are ready for change to move forward.

Now 10 years later:

My daughter is still on a path of destruction.

I have 3 beautiful grandsons who fill my life with Love, Happiness, Legos, and Match Box Cars. They bring with them 3 siblings (all boys) whom I also get to love.

Life still has challenges and throws surprises at me, and I am learning to be more at peace and let the happiness shine through.

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