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Peggy Renfroe

Grants Pass, Oregon


  • Master Rapid Eye Technician
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Reiki Master / Teacher
  • Ordained Minister SHES
  • Family Matrix Facilitator
  • Animal Empath


Most people that do RET find a calm, quiet mind to be one of their favorite side effects generated by processing through negative emotions and traumatic life events. Imagine a quiet mind without the chatter or even worse yet, the internal sniper there interfering with the most important times of your life. Do you want to do something about being controlled by outdated, irrelevant, primally programed reactions? So, heres my short story about a time that I obsessed over a breakup and found a career. During that time, a friend of mine seemed noticeably more calm and relaxed than ever. When I asked, why the difference, she told me she had been doing Rapid Eye Therapy sessions. Immediately, I scheduled six sessions with her RET technician. After the first three sessions I stopped obsessing, by the sixth session people were asking what I was doing. That was the time I chose to become trained in RET, in order, to benefit my friends and family.  That choice ended up becoming a twenty year career that gives me satisfaction and purpose.

Because of RETs effectiveness in releasing trapped emotions and because life fills a void, seven principles have been developed that technicians teach to their clients during sessions and seven two hour classes that can be offered to the public. These skills, along with RET, allow people the opportunity to create a life that reflects their dreams and goals.  Life skills are solid tools to be used in transforming our everyday life and to bring one into alliance with their highest potential. RET sessions are one-on-one and last approximately 90 minutes.


Well, you already know, the subconscious mind holds the key to certain behaviors that are Impossible to access with the conscious mind.  Hypnosis is a familiar state that we slip in and out of many times a day. It is when our conscious mind shifts to the unconscious. That shift happens when we read, drive, watch TV or engage in the exact same argument with your spouse for decades, etc. We can never be influenced to do anything against our moral standards or wishes, it seems as if we have a built in security system.  Everybody knows hypnosis is a gentle technique to get access to dysfunctional behaviors and habits and easily change them.


Have you ever had a physical injury that refused to heal? So, let me tell you another quick story. At the time, I lived in a cabin the woods without electricity or hot running water. Can you imagine that it was by choice, it was, I loved it. We had an old hot water heater from Mexico heated with kindling. I had come home late from a Halloween party and went out to chop kindling for a bath. It was already dark so I propped the flashlight on a log. Then mistakenly chose to use a huge, heavy, freshly sharpened splitting mall that I proceeded to drop into the pointing finger of my left hand. It cut almost to the bone. Weeks later, the wound had never healed. That’s when I met LuEllen Garrett a local Reiki Master. After one session from her, my finger healed within days. I received my first level Reiki initiation from her in 1984, since then I also became a Reiki MasterTeacher and have assisted many people in healing themselves and others. Reiki sessions are relaxing and allow deep healing on all levels physical, emotional and mentally.


Everyone knows how family get togethers can experience the same arguments and dysfunctions repeated over and over or a dear family member has become estranged because of their own actions that leaves them alone, in desperate pain. In functional families, everyone knows their place and are honored and loved. Families can be knocked off balance by alcohol, abuse or children feeling responsible for dysfunctional adults, etc. During Family Matrix one joins with a group of people committed to healing families, by working with that families soul and going back as far as the dysfunction began and allowing the soul to realign, rejoin and support families back into their original joy. The family never has to be aware or even there to reap the benefits.  Most people find the process is effective, enlightening and profound.


Often, because animals can be so adorably cute, it’s hard to comprehend their pain until eventually the symptoms are obvious. After a few ill or injured animals sought healing for themselves I became aware that I knew and somehow could see how they got injured and naturally knew how to help them. Most people are aware animals are highly receptive to all kinds of healing.

I enjoy working with all types of individuals, all ages, all lifestyles, all issues. I’m sure you have questions. Please, do get in touch with me.


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  1. Chandra assisted me with RET in 2011. I sought a RET practioner, after experiencing a traumatic event in my life. I met Chandra and completed several sessions of RET and immediatley felt a release from stress after each session. RET and the skills learned allowed me to move past the trauma and feel a sense of joy and peace. I strongly encourage anyone to do RET sessions. It is an effective stress relief and provides life changes. -client testimony, Tessa Walker.-

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