Robyn Furse, MRET, MA

Robyn Furse 808-498-5343
Robyn Furse 808-498-5343

St. George, Utah



Robyn Furse has extensive experience as an emotional healing facilitator. She brings a deeply caring, peaceful, and compassionate presence to her work. Her experience as a therapist has allowed her the opportunity to work with  a variety of populations including at-risk youth, families in crisis, and survivors of child sexual abuse as well as domestic violence. As an abuse survivor herself, she has a unique understanding of power dynamics and her perspective is inclusive of the socio-cultural milieu surrounding and contributing to these issues. She believes that we hold the answers we are seeking within and is passionate about supporting others to love themselves more fully, and accept themselves at the innermost level. She believes this is the first, and most important step in becoming better people and changing the world for the better. Drawing from her masters degree in clinical psychology, expertise in Rapid Eye Technique (RET) and her time at the Leaders Facilitation Institute (a 9-month intensive in leading groups and individual breakthrough processes), Robyn provides a safe space and guides clients through profound healing and self-discovery.

“Robyn Furse is INCREDIBLE! I am well seasoned in therapy, counseling, programs, and many, many healing modalities. In just a few sessions she has helped me start the process of letting go of past traumas such as sexual abuse, divorce, family/religion issues, believing I am not worthy of love and more. She is helping me set healthy boundaries with those that I’ve let slide for too long. She has helped me with my questions as I process and release all of these past experiences.

Intuitive and empathetic, I rarely come across people of her caliber!

Do yourself a favor and contact Robyn! Let That Stuff Go. It’s so freeing and confusing and hard and raw and exciting and REAL!

Robyn is an extremely talented professional and I sing her praise to anyone who will listen! Also to those who will not. Planting seeds.

Thank you Robyn.” -Kellan Cox

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