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My name is Sandra Baker I am a Life Coach, Intuitive Healer, Master Rapid Eye Technician and Rapid Eye Trainer.  I began this journey 11 years ago when my children went to live with their Father after a messy divorce. Everything I thought myself to be was taken out from under me and I had no idea who I was.

Losing my identity as a mother caused me to seek for my TRUE identity. At the time I was a hairdresser and one of my clients began experimenting with energy work on me.  As I began to access the repressed emotional pain and move it in healthy ways,  I felt shifts take place in my physical body of releasing.

I was fascinated with how the body deals with trauma and had my first Rapid Eye session.  During this session I discovered limiting beliefs of being “unimportant and second best” stemming from a very young age and being a twin. I saw how these beliefs had literally controlled me in my life and stopped me many times from going after what I wanted.  They became self-fulfilling prophecies many times, in my marriage, with my step- children and even with my own children.

I  began a journey of searching for the truth of who I am and received tools to reframe and create my new identity by changing the way I looked at myself and the world.  I received many new perceptions about myself, and was able to see “my soul’s higher learning”.  I asked to see myself as God sees me.

I went through a lot of pain and suffering during that time, but was able to AWAKEN WITHIN, as a result of that searching. Thank you Rapid Eye for making the process of healing so much quicker for me.  I had had so much success with my own healing I knew I had to assist others in their healing.  Everyone I knew had repressed emotion that was affecting his or her lives on some level.

Being a Life Coach, I then knew I needed Rapid Eye as a tool to accelerate progress for my clients.  My desire to assist other grew on a larger scale and I knew I needed to teach others to do what I’m doing.  Universal Healing is part of my every day motto.

If something inside you is nudging to heal your own issues or perhaps you have a desire to assist others to heal as well, and become a Rapid Eye Technician, Congratulations!  You have a purpose in this life and you are listening. Call me or contact me via my website.   I look forward to assisting you to AWAKEN WITHIN.

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