Sara Abreu, RET

Sara Abreu(702) 419-8345
Sara Abreu (702) 419-8345

Las Vegas, Nevada

(702) 419-8345

Sara’s Story

RET changed my life completely and this is my story:

For many years I thought I had my life figured out. I came to America from Brazil when I was 20 years old, with a one way ticket, I did not speak any English, one suitcase and $100. In America, I made a pretty good life for myself. I had family, close friends, and a career as a REALTOR. Throughout the course of 14 years, I always wanted to improve myself and be the best that I could be. I have participated in seminars, meditation & health retreats, utilized self help books and tapes, ate fire, broke bricks. I explored different holistic modalities and I was open to pretty much everything under the sun, you name it and I did it.

When I was turning 40, however, a series of apparently random events started happening. For no apparent reason I started crying a lot, I felt overwhelmed with deep sadness and into depression. Losing money in real estate and getting deeper into debt just made things worse. I was haunted by nightmares and began throwing up. I really tried to eat well, but I kept getting sick (but I was so healthy!!)

I was having anxiety attacks and my digestive system was such a mess that I could only swallow foods through a straw. I found myself in unhealthy relationships, spiraling downhill and losing myself. I knew something was not right, didn’t know what to do about it. Suddenly, I suffered from physical injuries and had several physical ailments which all my doctors labeled “Stress”. I hid it very well by getting busy and maintaining a “Get over it” mindset. I was too ashamed and embarrassed to share how I was feeling with anyone. I kept praying for help and I tried everything I knew how.

RET allowed me to recognize and destroy unconscious, faulty old beliefs and consciously create new positive ones. Now my life is working, and it has meaning. I feel full of life and at peace. For the first time in my entire life I am following my heart and pursuing a life of fulfillment and inner happiness. I am returning to compete in Ballroom Dancing after putting it off for too many years. When we recognize and free ourselves from old past limiting beliefs then we are free to deliberately create the lives we want. RET has been such a blessing to me, and my desire is to share with you and others the enthusiasm and excitement I have experienced with RET.


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Robert and Gloria Klassen – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Sara has helped reshape our lifestyle….and more. Sara is a qualified Rapid Eye Technician, trained at RET, Salem, Oregon. This is a proven tool that can assist people in dealing with life problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder (e.g. Combat trauma), family trauma (e.g. Domestic Violence and abuse), and learning disabilities. Depression, anger, non-sleep, fear of crowds, if you are socially inept, etc., layers upon layers of this accumulated debris can be peeled away with RET. Sara can help discharge this “bad” information that is stored in your body without you knowing it.
Sara is a huge endorser for “going organic” where possible and has tremendous knowledge of how to, what to, and when to. She is one of the most giving, sensitive, and intelligent business women that we have had the privilege to befriend. Her deep belief in human mankind and compassion, spirituality, and strong morals makes up her charming character.
You’ve got everything to gain, and nothing to lose. Thank you, Sara!

Kady Doyle, 2012 – Las Vegas, NV
When I first came to Sara I was severely depressed and had just gotten out of Rehab but could not stop relapsing, I did not know how to handle my thoughts. After the first few sessions I felt like a new person and started on my new journey. I have rebuilt what was lost and I am looking forward to the future now. I also learned what was bothering me and how to stop my self-destructive behavior.

With the sessions and the tools Sara has given me, I am excited about life and will never live the way I was again. Sara is patient and kind, she will be honest with you at every step and make sure that you are learning based on your personal needs. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who needs emotional healing and growth.

Cathy, 2012 – Las Vegas
When I first meet Sara, I was in desperate need of some changing. I was not sure what I needed, but Sara guided me through Rapid Eye Technology how to overcome past issues and to change my way of living my life. I have become more aware of my thoughts and surrounding. I want to thank you Sara for helping me find the answers when I could not find them for myself.

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