Shelly Jenkins, MT-BC, MRET

Shelly Gilman 541-212-1716
Shelly Gilman 541-212-1716`

Ontario, Oregon


  • Rapid Eye technician
  • Biofield Tuning Practitioner
  • Licensed and Board Certified Music Therapist
Serving the Lower Treasure Valley in Idaho and Eastern Oregon

Shelly received her Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy from Utah State University in 1998 and was later granted MT-BC by the Certification Board for Music Therapy.

Shelly believes in the holistic approach, treating the whole person, particularly people who are suffering with PTSD, anxiety, and emotional processing challenges.

She believes in a personalized approach, creating treatment plans that are customized for the individual.

Shelly received training in Biofield Tuning and is a Practitioner in this art. She also completed training in Rapid Eye Technology. She is a certified IRT practitioner, Personal Growth and Development Teacher, Life Coach, and Rapid Eye Technician.

Shelly is an accomplished clarinetist and musician, having played with the Utah Festival Opera Company, the Treasure Valley Symphony, Treasure Valley Wind Symphony and the Treasure Valley Millennial Chorus and Orchestra.

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