Sushila Mertens, MRET

Sushila Mertens 530 305-6045
Sushila Mertens
530 305-6045

Nevada City, California

530 305-6045

Mission Statement:
Through unconditional love, pure intention, and the power of presence, my ministry is dedicated to personal transformation and empowerment with peace, ease, and grace.

  • RET Technician, 1998
  • Master RET (MRET), 2009
  • B.A., M.S. Education
  • M.S. Library and Information Science
  • Reiki Master Teacher in both Usui Western tradition and Komyo Japanese tradition as taught by Hyakuten Inamoto
  • BraveHeart Women Coach, Ripple Host, DYBO Specialist

Offering Single Sessions, 6 and 12 Sessions Packages, Phone or Skype sessions.

Born and raised in New Jersey, I now live with my husband Ralph in Nevada City, CA. We enjoyed raising our son and daughter in the country with the beautiful Yuba River and Sierra Nevada Mountains.

I am glad to have the time now to share with my clients a very holistic approach to balancing their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions. I am a female visionary with a focus on women’s circles as a transformational tool. I especially enjoy working with mothers and daughters as they each reconnect with their original self.

Rapid Eye Technology (RET) and Life Skills are a very powerful integration of processes that allow us to release stress, to clear unproductive patterns of behavior, and to learn new skills for creating the life and relationships we want. I invite you to explore RET and Reiki as transformational tools and to create the life you desire.

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