Tessa Walker, Master-Level Rapid Eye Technician (MRET)

Tessa Walker541-731-9628
Tessa Walker 541-731-9628

Salem, Oregon
Eugene, Oregon


Tessa Walker is trained as a Professional Rapid Eye Technology Technician; I hold a Master Certification in RET. Compassionate Life Coaching with Rapid Eye Technology brings RET to individuals, families, and communities that are seeking a natural way to release stress and trauma.

I hold compassionate space, trauma-informed, holistic life coaching services for individuals, families, and communities. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies and have twenty two years working in the government and nonprofit organizations; trained in Legal, Healthcare, Case management, Social Work and Trauma informed care. I have been gifted with a strong sense of compassion for humanity and guiding people during difficult life experiences to bring forth their own inner knowing and guidance to take actionable steps and live their desired life.

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