Tonjia Mallory, MRET

Tonjia Mallory 581-772-0352
Tonjia Mallory

Weatherford, Oklahoma


Explore the possibilities for transforming your life with Rapid Eye Technology.

Tonjia Mallory has spent many years studying methods of natural and holistic healing.  She owns and operates Life Balance Alternatives, LLC where she works as a life coach.  She practices Rapid Eye Technology to assist her clients in releasing stress and trauma, and she teaches Skills for Life classes to increase awareness of the power we all have to create positive change.  She is knowledgeable in areas of holistic nutrition, homeopathy, orthomolecular medicine, the medicinal use of herbs, and several modalities of energy healing.

She has a love and reverence for animals, and offers proxy sessions for animals who are in need of assistance for emotional issues.

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