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To the Rapid Eye Technician Directory.

All Rapid Eye Technicians are trained to high levels of proficiency. Technicians with the Master Rapid Eye Technician (MRET) designation are technicians with additional RET training and experience.

To find a Rapid Eye technician near you, use the drop-down LOCATOR box on the right side of each page of this directory. Or use the WORD SEARCH box to do a general search of the directory. Click here to search the entire RET web site.

If you are in the USA and unable to find a technician in your city, try the "All United States" selection at the top of the LOCATOR list. You'll find there a list of certified RET technicians willing to travel to your location. Please communicate directly with a RET technician to make arrangements with them for sessions.
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Laurie Solisz
Laurie Solisz
I am a fellow RN who works with Laurie. I like most people were very sceptical of her services. She proved me wrong, as she has many others.My third child is now five months old. During my pregnancy L