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Bruce Benjamin, MRET Testimonial
Bruce Benjamin, MRET I knew you when, this is the most important moment of our lives. UrsulaGail Reed OTR/L
Lisa Calderwood, LCSW, MRET Testimonial
Lisa Calderwood, LCSW, MRET I have encountered several challenges over the course of my life and dealt with them the best I could. Co-dependency, emotional, physical & verbal abuse, various situations and suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Finally, I got to the point that I could not handle everything and my issues started to have a negative affect not only myself but my family as well. After taking that scary first step, realizing that I had lost control of the life I wanted and needed help, I looked into RET. Af...
Sandi Dietrich, RN, CNM, MRET Testimonial
Sandi Dietrich, RN, CNM, MRET As an intuitive, trained in Healing Touch and Reiki, with experience in receiving healing in many modalities and therapies, I have a sensitive body. And I strongly recommend Sandi Dietrich to other healers and people with sensitive bodies. I had major back surgery 12 years ago and live with the physical challenges that brings. Recently, I asked Sandi for help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I had been working to rid myself of this debilitating condition for over 4 years. This...
Paula Bronte, MRET Testimonial
Paula Bronte, MRET I consider Ms Paula Bronte to an important reason for who I am today. Through her training, through her courses, and through her book she has assisted me in being the person I am today. Through Rapid Eye, we worked through many core issues that had been holding me back. Through her guidance, I was able to overcome some of the biggest hurdles in my life. Through her message in " A Guided to Mastery', I was able to grow even more on my own. I can honestly say, without her assistance and guidance,...
Jill M. Whitley, MRET Testimonial
Jill M. Whitley, MRET I completely trust Jill as my Master Rapid Eye Technician. She has a genuine love for others and is an intuitive healer. I am so grateful to be able to have her assistance during my hard times. She can't help but touch your life for the better.
Kathleen Boyd, M. Div., MRET Testimonial
Kathleen Boyd, M. Div., MRET Rapid Eye is a very powerful technique to let go of past hurt and trauma by releasing buried emotional feelings. The mind and body are one, and when the mind suffers so does the body. I suffered from fibromyalgia for years. Rapid Eye has helped release very painful and traumatic memories for me and in the process, my fibromyalgia pain has lessened dramatically. Kathleen uses Rapid Eye as well as Reiki, which also helps to release emotional trauma. With Kathleen, I always feel safe and protected,...
Julie Haynes, MRET Testimonial
Julie Haynes, MRET I myself am a RET trained healer. I asked Julie to be my RET guide with hidden issues. She helped me in a very nonjudgmental way face the issues I was not even aware were present. I have healed and continue to heal from Post Traumatic Stress and also addictions. I would recommend Julie to anyone and everyone!! Plus my ten year old adopted son adores her.... Penny Young Christian Counselor Christian Life Couch Rapid Eye Tech.
Bruce Benjamin, MRET Testimonial
Bruce Benjamin, MRET My name is Jan V and I am in Rapid Eye Technology treatment with Bruce Benjamin. I have had 2 treatments so far and am amazed at the results I am getting. Old baggage is just slipping away and I feel lighter. My stress levels have dropped considerably allowing me to make better decisions and relax. Stress is a big deal in my life and to be able to get this kind of a handle on it is something I thought would never happen for me. I truly believe in this technology.
Martha Ballesteros-Shakti, MRET Testimonial
Martha Ballesteros-Shakti, MRET My sessions with Martha were deep, inspiring and life-changing. She has incredible skills and profound sensitivity, and she\'s immensely available, compassionate, and committed to get to the \"crunch\" of any issue you\'re exploring with her. She is able to keep you on track in a very direct, no-nonsense way, while being fully graceful and respectful of where you are in your process. I reconnected to my inner sources of trust, self-respect and creativity thanks to her guidance and support. ...
Lisa Calderwood, LCSW, MRET Testimonial
Lisa Calderwood, LCSW, MRET Lisa has done wonders in my life and she is helping me cope with living with A.D.H.D. Thank you you Lisa for your help in all aspects of counseling and therapy. ACE
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Suzan Kearney, MRET
Suzan Kearney, MRET
In regards to the Skills for Life class series: "I just wanted to thank you all for making this whole class a great learning experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you. It's an encourag