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Sandi Dietrich, RN, CNM, MRET
August, 2007, I gave myself the gift of RET via Sandi Dietrich. In the span of 5 days, Sandi ran me through 12+ sessions of RET. My mind was emptied of "chatter" and I felt like my brain re-booted. Sandi's extensive background in energy anatomy and midwifery complemented the sessions. Her technique is superb, her manner loving and accepting the and the delicate handling of my life's personal challenges made it all seem clear and simple. Thank you, Sandi!!

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Sandi Dietrich, RN, CNM, MRET
Sandi Dietrich, RN, CNM, MRET
I first met Sandi Dietrich when a mutual friend introduced us in the 90\'s. Sandi had been trained in Rapid Eye Technology (RET) and I was intrigued by the possibilities for healing in a variety of ar