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Paraliminal Chakra CDs

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“Experiencing paraliminal Cd's opens up layers and level of our mind to our spirituality.”

Paraliminal Chakra CD’s consist of two chakra sessions, one is heard out of the right speaker, and one is heard out of the left. This creates separate messages coming into each ear, beyond the conscious mind’s ability to process both messages simultaneously for more than a few moments. Multi-level communication to different hemispheres of the brain is experienced as a result. Each time the listener experiences the paraliminal cd, the conscious mind/body system processes it differently. This assists with processing imprinted beliefs, feelings and patterns so that you can create what you’d rather experience.

Chakra Development

A chakra is an energy center within the physical body and extends through our energy fields. Each chakra has its own purpose or viewpoint where our experiences and age developments are recorded. How we perceive our current experience is filtered through the chakra center of our current age.

Chakra centers are developed individually between birth and age 21. Between ages 21-106, our chakras are reactivated and we perceive our current experience through two energy centers at a time. Within our own mind/body system, we are processing our current event through a paraliminal.

Paraliminal Chakra CD’s

CD 1: Healing DNA Patterns CD
Ages 21-28 Chakras 1 & 8

CD 2: Transform Your Spiritual Purpose CD
Ages 28-35 Chakras 2 & 9

CD 3: Connection of Your Life’s Purposes CD
Ages 35-42 Chakras 3 & 10

CD 4: Transforming External Energy into Love Energy CD
Ages 42-49 Chakras 4 & 11

CD 5: Healing Patterns & Speaking Your Spiritual Truth CD
Ages 49-56 Chakras 5 & 12

CD 6: Unconditional Love, Self Worth, & How Your Needs Are Met CD
Ages 56-63 Chakras 1 & 6

CD 7: Freeing Your Creativity, Feelings, & Divine Identity CD
Ages 63-70 Chakras 2 & 7

CD 8: Family Patterns & How We Make Decisions CD
Ages 70-77 Chakras 1 & 3

CD 9: Trust of Self, Feelings, & Creativity CD
Ages 77-85 Chakras 2 & 4

Important Notes about this product:

  • These audio CDs are intended to complement rather than substitute for proper medical or psychological care.
  • These audio CDs include hypnotic imageries. They are not intended for use while driving or while operating or using dangerous equipment or tools. Please use caution as these audio CDs may induce altered states of consciousness.
  • To maximize your experience with this product, we recommend sessions with a certified Rapid Eye Technician.
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