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Rapid Eye Technology Phase 3 Distance Learning Course

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Becoming a Life Coach

**This is the PRINTED version of this RET Phase Training.**


TITLE:Life Coach Certification.




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Rapid Eye Technology Phase 1 & Phase 2 Messages: via email: / phone: 503-399-1181 / fax 503-373-3606 Texts: Phase 3 Manual Skills for Life Teachers Manual

Course Objective:

The main objective of this course is to enable participants to be effective life coaches on an individual basis. Participants will gain an understanding of the all the concepts, language and frame work for the full model of Rapid Eye Technology. This will include how each eye movement affects the brain and the body. Participants will learn through experientials and in class work.

Vocational Objective: A certificate of completion will be issued, authorizing you as Life Coach Facilitator to practice the tools and skills of this course. Training prepares student for Phase 4 and is offered as continuing education course

Course Content:

Understanding the RET Language

Staying in Your own Energy

How Eye Movements Affect the Body

Energy Balancing Exercise

Emotional Preparation

Pattern Cycle

Birth Order

Inner Child Work/Developmental Stages

Time Line Exercise

Scream and Laugh Therapy Exercise

Breathe Work

Reframing / Reclaiming


No Labeling or Diagnosing

RET Technician Support

Marketing Rapid Eye Technology

Vision Statement



Welcome Letter / Directions (paperwork, etc.)

Psychology of Energy

Inner Child Workshop Manuals

Release & Retrain CD

Reclaim Your Light through the Miracle of Rapid Eye Technology

Practicum Hours:


Complete four individual coaching sessions with SUDS forms and client evaluations Complete phase 3 assignment book. Submit forms/book to the Rapid Eye Institute.

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