DID YOU KNOW…. The RET Skills For Life Principle of HEALTH & HEALING can help you get out of pain?

The RET Skills For Life Principle of ~~🍃HEALTH & HEALING🍃~~ helps you get out of pain AND builds your hope that you can be healthy and strong in body and mind?
As we have studied these 7 Principles, over the years, we have noticed that Health & Healing seems to be the one that many of us put off doing! Putting self-care last will result in lost health and well-being.
Taking full responsibility for your health is the first step to healing. Expecting the medical model to “fix” you is unwise. Medical model is great in emergencies to save your life—but what really counts is what you DO on a daily basis.
At the hands-on Skills For Life classes, I start with education.
1) People need to know how much clean water to drink for optimum health;
2) How to eat healthier;
3) What supplements they need;
4) What actions they need to take for their individual health needs.
Today I am going to address item 3) about supplementing with Vitamins, Minerals, and Micro-Nutrients. A report from the Department of Agricultural back in 1933 warned us that our soil was depleted and the food grown in it no longer has the nutrients it used to have. We also have genetically modified foods to deal with. So supplementing your diet in this day and age is a MUST!!
The Rapid Eye Institute recommends the following products to help improve your health and well-being.

~From QSciences:
QMAX, sublingual sprays, and protein shakes and more. The QMax is a great Vitamin and micro-nutrient supplement that heals the gut so your brain can absorb nutrients and the good food you do eat. It is Methlated and bio available. Sublingual sprays to get B12 and other vital vitamins into your system without going thru the gut. The shakes help get nutrition from protein into your system.

~From Young Living Essential Oils:
The healing properties from essential oils assist physically, mentally, and emotionally to improve health. They assist immediately and we encourage their use with every RET session. We have recommended list available, text Lynell at 801-856-1631.

~HTEAmerica is a company that makes excellent healing machines that compliment the Rapid Eye Process, to include: The Chi Machine, SOQI Far-Infrared Technology, the ERE machine and others.

Marion Roberts Baxter (801-319-0036) is our consultant on all these products and will assist all RET Technicians (and anyone else) with information and getting started. These products help out The Institute and bring you residual income because your clients will love all these health-based products. Try them yourself and get healthy!!

Love, Lynell
Master Trainer
The Rapid Eye Institute


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