Certificate Renewal

Do not make changes to your RET Directory listing here.

Rapid Eye Technicians: November is renewal month! Please set a calendar item to renew your certificate sometime between Nov 1 and Nov 30 of each year. Please don’t wait too long – after Nov 30, you’ll have to pay a late fee of $50. You may renew online or by mail. Upon successful renewal, you will receive a new certificate. Your certificate renewal fee helps defray the cost of:

  1. Your RET Certificate mailed to you.
  2. A listing in the Rapid Eye Technology Directory – where you can get referrals.
  3. Online materials and supplies specifically designed to enhance and support your practice.
  4. The RET newsletter – where you get the latest news and announcements directly from Ranae and the Institute.
  5. I.T. Services that specifically support your RET practice.
  6. Telephone support from the Institute – when you call in with a technician support question like “How do I deal with my client who…”
  7. Research and development of new technician support materials like scripts, Life Skills training, advertising/marketing your practice, and other programs and support.

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    1. the information submitted with this renewal is correct to the best of my knowledge

    2. I have fulfilled the requirements for certificate renewal at my level of training

    3. I have all appropriate documentation on file and will submit them to the Rapid Eye Institute upon request

    4. I am in compliance with the Rapid Eye Technology ethics and all applicable State and local laws and regulations pertaining to my business

    Further, I consent to having this website and the Rapid Eye Institute store my submitted information so they can process my submission. (See our privacy policy to learn more about how we use data.)