Email Discussion Group

The RET Discussion email group is intended to serve as a community support group for Rapid Eye Technicians and Technicians in training. This group is for DISCUSSIONS concerning RET and its practice. It offers RETs an opportunity to ask questions, get advice and ideas, share concerns and triumphs, and get support from other members of the group. This email group is a closed ecosystem in order to preserve confidentiality, provide opportunity for mentoring, and serve as an email community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

NOTE: You must be a certified RET technician or a technician in training to join the RET Discussion email Group.
Last updated: 14 Oct 2011

First some reminders:

  • Your emails to this group (and replies to it) are read by a community of people, not just the one person you may be addressing.
  • Be sensitive – you are addressing real persons, human beings with feelings and not a computer.
  • When you make a comment, other people are perfectly entitled to disagree with it without their response being construed as a personal attack.
  • By participating in this forum you subscribe to rules of conduct and that the moderators are entitled to edit or delete posts they consider inappropriate or to permanently ban offending members of the group.
  • Keep your clients’ personally identifying details confidential – even though this is a closed email group, it is not a secure communication channel.

The Questions

  1. How do I subscribe to, unsubscribe from, or change my email address for the RET Discussion group?
  2. What topics are discussed on the RET Discussion group?
  3. What should NOT be posted to the RET Discussion group?
  4. How do I access the message archive?
  5. Other Mailing Lists

The Answers

1. How do I subscribe to, or unsubscribe from the RET Discussion group?

To subscribe or unsubscribe, fill out the following form. You must be a certified RET technician to join the RET discussion group.


    2. What topics are discussed on the RET Discussion group?

    Here’s the inaugural description:
    “This group is intended to further Rapid Eye Technology as a practice. Discussion subjects to include such things as practice tips, questions, and special announcements.”


    3. What should NOT be posted to the RET Discussion group?

    • Any sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers, passwords, social security numbers, etc.
    • Copyrighted materials (without the owner’s permission)
    • Confidential client stories and histories (without the client\’s written permission)
    • Advocacy of illegal activities
    • Flames of other list members
    • “I can’t subscribe to the [such-and-such] mailing list! Can somebody help me?” messages
    • Messages consisting of Jokes that aren’t relevant to RET topics.
    • Topics meant for specific members of the group – which should instead be addressed to that member only rather than to the entire group
    • Subjects that do not pertain to RET
    • Forwarded material of any kind (please cut and paste rather than forward to the group)
    • Spam (defined here as unsolicited commercial email of any kind) – announcements of your classes and other events are allowable so long as they apply to Certified RET technicians

    If you want to discuss any of the above matters, please do it by private e-mail! If you don’t know who to contact, e-mail the group administrator (see item 4 below).


    4. How do I access the message archive?

    • Due to the privileged nature of our discussions, you must contact the Group Administrator for access to the archives. Please include your full name in your access request as the RET Discussion Group archives are available to members only.


    5. Other Mailing Lists