Master Rapid Eye Technician Course

This course is available to Graduates of the Advanced Rapid Eye Technology Course.


This course is for mastering the Rapid Eye Technology process. Each practice session provides you opportunities to master your skills while combining processes to maximize your client’s experience.

  • Master and understand the purpose of the wand techniques and processes
  • Learn how to integrate IRT, SSPT and Emergency Process in a session
  • Learn how to identify a pattern and process that pattern in every session
  • Understand how every pattern is an addiction
  • Learn how to use body walks as a reframe and cognitive understanding of each issue
  • Learn how to utilize your specialty manuals
  • Gain experience in group demos
  • Learn how to market RET through workshops
  • Learn how to do phone sessions


  • Complete 100 hours of RET Practicum
  • Have a current RET Certificate
  • Complete an additional 100 hours RET practicum for Mastership
  • Complete the RET Mastership Home Study material prior to coming to the MRET Certification
  • Complete the MRET Certification
  • Keep MRET Certificate active by doing continuing education each year such as; (see the web for more continuing education options)
  • Staff an RET Certification
  • Staff an Advanced RET Certfication


$650 (includes all materials)
$100 deposit is necessary to hold your place in the class. All fees are non-refundable and may be applied to a later class. Registration will cease when classes are full.