RET Technician Forms, Scripts, and Handouts

RET Forms and ScriptsFor RET Technicians to use with their clients

  1. Body Chart
  2. CD Reference List
  3. Client Contract for Life
  4. Client Informed Consent Release Form
  5. Coaching Session Evaluation Form
  6. Defense Set Questionnaire
  7. Defense Sets Scripts
  8. Essential Oils for Emotional Release
  9. Feelings List
  10. RET Code of Ethics
  11. RET Quick Reference Comparison Chart
  12. RET Institute Favorite Products List
  13. Scramblers script
  14. Session Evaluation form
  15. SUD Form for Research
  16. Visual Pattern Cycle chart
  17. Wand Techniques and Processes Chart
  18. Life Skills Client Workbook
  19. RET Closing Processes
  20. SUDS form for Research
  21. Session Evaluation for Research
  22. Release and Clear Script
  23. 4-Step Self-Care Protocol
  24. RET Body Walk Homework

to download compressed zip file of all the above (except workbook).