Legal Terms for Unlicensed RET Technicians

(from the discontinued RET Forum)

Unless licensed to do so, RET Technicians do not independently work with medical or mental disease and do not “diagnose,” “treat,” or “prescribe.” RET Technicians may work with issues related to a medical or mental health disorder on referral from a properly licensed health care professional. RET technicians Coach, Teach, Educate, Guide, Instruct, and Train.

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Neurological Integration Question

Why does the client look only into our left eye?
(from the discontinued RET Forum)
As one of the original research and development team who worked with Neurological Integration (NI), maybe I can shed some light on this. First of all, I really don’t think it matters at all which eye the client looks into. According to the newest research into how our brains are connected, both eyes can access the base (called “deep affect”) emotions necessary to make NI occur. However, the left eye connects the right brain and theoretically – backed by quite a bit of scientific research – the right brain connects more directly with those deep affect emotions. In testing and developing NI, we found this to be true for everyone we did NI with. That probably meant that ALL the research team (about 10 of us) were brain-wired in the same way – our right brains were more directly connected to these deep affect emotions than were our left brains.

In practical terms that meant that we could do NI with the right eye (which connects to the left brain), but the process would take hours rather than minutes to perform. From what I’ve read, as much as 5-10% of the population is brain-wired in this way.

If, when you do NI with your clients and they seem to take an inordinate amount of time (say 5 minutes or longer), you might try reversing which of your eyes the client looks into and see if it speeds things up. If it does, you may have your deep affect emotions connected differently than the research team did.

When Ranae suggested that instead of using our own affect emotions (like when thinking about deep grief or fear), we used love thoughts, we found the right eye (connected to left brain) simply could not make that trip – meaning we could do NI in seconds now with the left eye but not at all with the right. Further, the indicators that NI had been accomplished were more pronounced when we used love thoughts and the left eye. It was always difficult to detect the indicators when we used our right eyes.

Overall, through quite a bit of testing and some inspiration, we found that when the client gazed into the technician’s left eye and the technician thought love and acceptance thoughts, the NI process worked quicker and was easier to detect when it occurred in the client.

When Ranae added the hand connections as well, the deep affect love thoughts were far easier to access and transmit than when we did not touch our clients. This addition made the process much more reliable and easier to perform as some technicians could detect the indicators of successful NI through the sensation channel in addition to the visual channel – they could “feel” or “sense” it and see it. Some technicians report feeling a slight but noticeable shock or electrical sensation when NI occurred. This would invariably occur simultaneous to the eye indicators (pupil jumps, instantaneous iris blooming, and/or very rapid pupil swelling and shrinking).

Do What Works

(from the discontinued RET Forum)

For some clients, tapping while looking side to side in zigzags and saying the phrase is difficult to do. For those clients, Charlotte Garland says, “I have my clients tap on this issue while saying the phrase 10 times, and then we go into the look over here, zigzags, tight open, and blow it out.”

IRT on Physical Symptoms Speeds Healing

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Chandra Renfoe shared:
Feeling sick to my stomach I threw up three times before a client suggested that I Reiki, tap or something myself. Reiki settled my stomach in about a minute and going thru IRT three times trading in feeling ill for feeling well cleared everything completely. It was possible to return to my activities in less than five minutes feeling great. WOW is IRT a fabulous process!

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IRT for Tooth Pain

(from the discontinued RET Forum)
by Charlotte Garland

The other morning, my husband Tim and I were working on an abscess tooth issue he has had for quite a while now. We know it is an emotional issue for him, but haven’t be able to identify the root cause so far. It came on when we were visiting his brother in Oregon, to help with roofing his house.

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IRT for the RET Technician

(a discussion from the discontinued RET Forum)

Kristine Farley:
I had the opportunity to use IRT on myself this past week in Mexico. I was triggered by some “stuff” associated with my daughter giving birth. (men) It really helped me, so I was able to better help my sweet daughter with her recovery & baby. Any RET technicians use this for self-care?

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