Train the Trainer

Certified RET Trainers Program

Course Requirements

  1. Complete basic, Advanced, and Master RET certification requirements, Leadership Training and attend all 7 days of trainer certification. This course requires 70 hours + an internship to complete (takes 3 or more RET Certifications).
  2. RET Trainers are required to be certified by the Rapid Eye Institute (REI) to train and certify new Rapid Eye Technicians.
  3. RET Trainers are independently contracted under contract with the Rapid Eye Technology Institute (REI) to act as agents for the REI to facilitate RET trainings and certifications. When not under contract, RET Trainers revert to their independent practitioner status.
  4. RET Trainers co-train with REI-appointed trainers in facilitating RET certifications over 4 students.
  5. RET Trainers facilitate all aspects of the certification program and may be called upon to present, explain, demonstrate, or conduct any portion of the program at any moment during the Certification.
  6. RET Trainers use only REI provided materials and methodology so as to present RET in a consistent and standardized manner. Trainers will refer all questions for which they do not have an approved answer to the Rapid Eye Institute – specifically to Ranae Johnson, Founder.
  7. RET Trainers operate within training objectives provided by and contracted with the Rapid Eye Institute.
  8. RET Trainers adhere to the REI-approved training manual. Deviation from approved materials may result in termination of trainer certificate.
  9. RET Trainers are required to complete the RET Train-the-Trainer program.
  10. RET Trainers are required to have an active RET practice.
  11. RET Trainers are required to hold a current MRET certificate from the Rapid Eye Institute and fulfill all continuing education requirements to maintain this certificate.
  12. RET Trainers are required to hold a current RET Trainer Certificate and fulfill all continuing education requirements to maintain this certificate.
  13. Contact the REI before facilitating any RET Certification of any size for registration.
  14. Serve as a representative of the REI and be familiar with and encourage use of all RET programs and products.
  15. Administer a RET Technician Support Group in their area.
  16. Actively enroll participants for Certifications in all areas.
  17. Be familiar with the guidelines for hosting Certifications in their area under the direction of REI.

Trainer Requirements for Small (2-4) RET Certifications

  1. Certified RET Trainers may train a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 RET students by themselves (a staff in the area can count as one of the students). Students need someone to practice with so Trainer can facilitate. Trainer fee is given only on new students ($500 per new student).
  2. All registration and materials (home study kits), and certificates are required to go through the Rapid Eye Institute for any RET student/staff.
  3. Trainers make arrangements for facilities for small certifications (4 or under). Individual trainers are responsible for all certification expenses under 4 students except for home study courses and certificates. Facilities must pass REI requirements (see guidelines) in order to ensure professional atmosphere for Rapid Eye Certifications. Expenses are paid by REI for larger trainings.
  4. Coordinate Certification dates with REI with sufficient lead-time to maximize marketing efforts.
  5. Trainer Requirements for Large (20 or more) RET Certifications
  6. The RET Trainer is responsible to enroll 7 or more new RET students for certifications over 4 if you want to be contracted as one of the trainers.
  7. Make sure all training manuals are supplies are available at the training (supplied by REI)
  8. Arrange with the Istitute for a RET co-trainer.

REI Requirements for Large (20 or more) RET Certifications

  1. REI will Notify appropriate media well in advance to maximize opportunities for filling Certifications. Rapid Eye Institute reserves the right to cancel any certification if it is not full.
  2. REI will Notify all RETs in the area and encourage them to notify their clients who may be interested.
  3. REI will Actively enroll new students to fill Certifications (except 7 students from RET Trainer requesting the training.
  4. REI will organize local RET technicians to support a RET Certification according to guidelines provided by the REI.
  5. REI will pay all training expenses (within budget) for larger certification (rent, advertising, plane tickets, food)

REI Certification Support – the Rapid Eye Institute will:

  • Provide multimedia marketing materials like DVDs.
  • Provide on-line notifications on the REI web site, newsgroups, and directory.
  • Provide physical locations for Certifications according to REI requirements.
  • As necessary, complete all contractual agreements with establishments used as Certification locations.
  • Making arrangements for the physical setup of the Certification location (over 4 participants).
  • Registering and preparing all participants including staff.
  • Provide all RET certification support supplies and materials.
  • Maintaining and managing the RET training institute and support staff.
  • Maintaining and managing the RET Resource Center and products
  • All Trainers are considered independent contractors and will be paid directly by the Rapid Eye Technology Institute according to their contract for each specific Certification for which they are under contract. All Trainers are paid a training fee of $2500 for large certifications over 4 students. For small certifications (2-4) all Trainers are paid $500 per new student. Contracts will be funded within 5 days of completing the training unless otherwise arranged with Rapid Eye Institute.

RET Certifications Outside the United States

  • All the same training requirements apply in and outside of the United States, except that trainings must be larger than 20 students outside the US, depending upon the area.

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“If you are sincere about the cause of Rapid Eye, Train the Trainer will give you what you need. The rapport of our group enabled us to move forward to be effective Rapid Eye Trainers. This training will assist you in catching the global vision of the Rapid Eye Technology. The Institute and training was positively perfect. Thank You.” Wendi Jensen, MRET, RET Trainer Intern, Tooele, Utah 435-882-0855
“It was very apparent the amount of time and effort you each put into this Train the Trainer. I am grateful for your love and desire that each of us succeed personally and professionally. I know our group was unique in many ways. The support and love was unlike any other group I’ve ever been with. For me, I’ve learned the love of each person was genuine. Although we each have our own unique gifts and abilities, they were shared freely and abundantly. I want all of you to know, I feel I’ve moved to a new level of personal growth, and challenges. That’s exciting to me. Thank you, with all my heart!” Carol Goodwin, MRET, RET Trainer Intern, Gilbert, Arizona 480-766-2964
“I loved the deeper understanding spiritually and logistically of all the processes and techniques of the Train the Trainer Course. It is a unique training in that you are trained on so many levels. Including areas that will prepare you for all of life’s experiences. You get better and better in helping us get it. I find I get better and better in getting it.” Sandra Baker, MRET, RET Trainer Intern, Highland, Utah 801-628-6788
“Extremely powerful training. Lots of new skills I had to learn as an RET Trainer. It was very professional and prepared me to be a Trainer. It was completely transforming in so many ways, spiritually and physically.” Cathy McDonald, MRET, RET Trainer Intern, Corvallis, Oregon 541-619-1161
“Thank you for all the generous time and support each of you gave. I learned a lot about myself as well as about the materials, walking through all of my fears. It has transformed my life. The attention and details in the Train the Trainer gives great instruction and standardization to RET. Thank you for total acceptance and instructions in areas to assist me to be stronger.” Sandra Dietrich, MRET, RET Trainer Intern, Madison, Mississippi 601-969-7169
“Thank you for the Train the Trainer program. It is professional and an excellent training. I feel confident to go out and create a training after my training and practicum work. I am committed to keeping Rapid Eye pure. I feel very loved and supported.” Radahna Kelsey, MRET, RET Trainer, Chandler, Arizona 480-897-9227