Rapid Eye Technology


"Unimaginable is the word I consider describes the Rapid Eye Training. My suggestion is everyone take the training, regardless if you choose to be a technician. The benefits you reap are life changing. Dr. Ranae Johnson, the trainers, and staff create an unique atmosphere of unconditional love that stimulates possibilities for extraordinary self growth. One comes away from this experience with a tool that improves and enhances the lives of your loved ones and society. Thank you, Dr. Johnson, for your contributions to the healing of so many." - Chandra Renfroe, Eugene, OR.

"Trainings are so wonderful. The amount of training presented in the home study course is phenomenal. It is presented in a way that is not overwhelming and allows everyone to be successful." - R.B.

"Outstanding training. I have had a tremendous amount of training including various foreign agencies etc. This is the best, most thorough training I have ever received and has prepared me to enter into the field of Rapid Eye Technology. All instructors are masters in their fields. Not only were skills and techniques engrained in me; the enthusiasm for RET is amazing and outstanding." - Lyndalea Ruffner, BA, RET

"Rapid Eye and the support of the Institute has assisted me in clarifying my dreams and goals and moving into my purpose. I live my life in joy and gratitude. Thank you." - J.M.

"Rapid Eye has given me back my life. I have healed from chronic fatigue, digestive problems and depression both in my sessions and RET training. My finances have improved enormously. A great learning." - S.M.

"Thank you Ranae. I am grateful for all of you stepping up, being faithful, for all your sacrifices, for being tools in revealing healing and spreading RET. I have a true depth of appreciation, gratitude and joy for the healings I have received." - S.H.

"The RET Training gives you the tools that you need to heal and make your dreams come true. The RET certification is life changing, positive & empowering. I love being part of this community." - P.J.

"Ranae, Thank you for all the technician support you give us. Thank you for keeping our fee for technician support so low. So much of my training has come back to me. I love you, Jody."

"Thank you for the tool that has empowered me in my ability to live my purpose and make a living doing what I love! With Love, Valerieann"

"Dear Ranae, For a long time I didn't share the vision of RET with anyone, then one day after talking to you on the phone I caught the vision of strengthening families with RET. I then became enthusiastic about telling everyone I knew that they could have this wonderful tool for their family and friends. What surprised me was the great increase in my own clients as well as supporting the trainings. What you put out truly comes back to you multiplied." - J.B.

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