Rapid Eye Technology

Our Vision

Vision Statement
In a spirit of gratitude we call forth an abundance of lightworkers NOW who choose to enhance the planetary evolution through Rapid Eye Technology. We provide an environment for positive change through unconditional love, honor, education, prosperity and community.

Core Values and Principles
Rapid Eye Institute prides itself on high standards of excellence and attention to technician support. Core values are quality, integrity and being centered. Home study courses are accommodated with flexibility and sensitivity.

Fundamental Beliefs and Purpose
Rapid Eye Institute recognizes the worth and development of individuals, believes learning is a life long pursuit and that students learn by doing.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide adult learners a broad access to a high quality of education through a distance learning environment. Rapid Eye Institute’s courses prepare its graduates to achieve professional excellence and to affect positive social change.

Desired Outcome
Each technician practices respect for their clients’ belief systems while practicing legally and ethically.