What Graduates Are Saying

David Davison, RET Technician
David Davison, RET Technician
“The last year and a half thanks to RET I’ve finally known what it is to sleep at night without nightmares. After about 6 sessions of RET, I have not had a single nightmare or panic attack since. I have a tool bag to use if anxious feelings attempt to creep up, I can choose if I want to feel it or not. After getting the help I needed so desperately, I realized I had to bring this to others and began to apply myself to learning RET. I’ve not only learned a valuable occupation that allows me to help others, but it brought me to a chosen family of amazing people dedicated to bringing the inner healer out of anyone willing to do the work. If you are tired of getting the same results and you don’t like them, let’s take a chance at a different story.”
Bruce Benjamin
“RET HAS been a lighthouse for me and many others, illuminating the dark coasts of my wounded, frightened, and often confused mind. I am now free to serve others with real compassion. I am free to roam!” www.brucebenjamin.com
Amber Mitchell
“Becoming a Rapid Eye Technician changed my life in many ways. I have learned how to recognize emotions in myself and others and how to deal with these emotions using tools and skills I’ve learned as a tech. I am empowered to help myself learn and grow on a day-to-day basis.”