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Skills for Life Workshops

As well as release work, RET technicians offer Skills for Life as the educational part of the RET Process. Skills for Life Workshops are offered in various areas by RET technicians - contact one in your area for more information. Skills for Life Workshops present life changing principles along with practical exercises and processes for life-stress management. Skills for Life education encourages people toward their awareness of being self-empowered, fully functioning, loving, peaceful individuals who are connected to and exhibiting their highest potential. Click here to find out more about Skills for Life. Other workshops recommended by the Rapid Eye Institute are listed below.

YES - Success!!! for RET Technicians...

Taos, New Mexico (check RET Event Calendar for dates)
Have you been able to create the Success with Rapid Eye you really desire? Join us in Taos, New Mexico to clear the roadway and give you the success you deserve. We will use RET tools to remove the blocks to success for RET technicians. A powerful 3 day Intensive (with an optional Monday morning for those that want to/can stay) will use some very specific tools to check with just how much success our bodies allow us - then remove the blocks and run sessions on patterns and get our success up where we REALLY want it. One thing for sure...most often when we are blocked in our success, it is only about 10% ours...the rest is cell memory and beliefs from previous generations. Once those are clear, we can create what WE really want and it is clear sailing. This will be a focused small class and the impact of using the tools we already have (focused on our issues) will really cement our confidence aspect. After all, when it works for you, it's easy to remember to use it for your clients.

  • Come learn with Claudia Bianca, MRET/RET Trainer with 24 years experience in Rapid Eye Technology.
  • Class counts for CEU's.
  • Class from noon on Friday thru Sunday afternoon (with an optional Monday for focused attention).
  • When we have class members I can create a group housing setup for you all to share.
  • Class size is LIMITED...so contact Claudia now and reserve your space.
  • seeublink@aol.com or 575 751 4551