About RET Sessions

During a Rapid Eye Session the conscious mind is communicating with the subconscious mind creating a safe environment to let go of the energy attached to the stress or trauma.

The RET Technician uses an eye directing device (wand) to direct the eyes while the client blinks rapidly. As the wand moves back and forth in front of the eyes the client picks up the fast movement, replicating the “alpha/theta” brain wave state.

The RET Technician uses rapid spoken verbal communication to direct the release of core issues. During this process the eyes are rapidly blinking and releasing the energy of emotions, pictures, and memories. Many different eye movements, techniques and processes work to safely affect change in the whole.

Most people respond wonderfully to this process and feel better immediately without reliving the trauma.

Rapid Eye assists in releasing trapped energy, negative patterns and limiting beliefs on all levels–physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of each being. This allows you to make new choices.

If you continue to do the same pattern, you will continue to get the same results. We introduce new skills for living to educate the client. They have the opportunity with these principles to create the life they would rather have.

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