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LDDA - Additional Tools for Health Practitioners - Live Training

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Course Facilitator: Lynell Beckstrom

The Locate, Delete, Dissolve, Activate (LDDA) process was created as a way to get Rapid Eye Technology's beneficial tools/skills out there in the community even if one is not a Rapid Eye Technician! We like to think of it as a pass-it-forward to all our fellow healers. Here at the Rapid Eye Institute it is our VISION to relieve pain and teach love. Love is always the answer and the solution so it makes sense to locate, release, cancel, delete, dissolve and let go of anything that blocks self-love and JOY.

This course can be taken by any Health Practitioner. It can be easily accomplished in a timely manner to move someone through a trigger or strong emotion in the moment. It is named almost exactly how it works!

The live training is a 4-day course and includes its own manual and a small eye-directing device. Learn an excellent self-care program that includes RET Immediate Release Technique (tapping), Eye Patching, an Emergency Process, and Grounding. Anyone can take this course - RET Techs can use it to satisfy their annual Continuing Education requirement toward their certificate renewal.

Important notes about this product:

  1. The Rapid Eye Technology Locate, Delete, Dissolve, Activate (LDDA) process is intended to complement rather than substitute for proper medical or psychological care.
  2. Check the RET Event Calendar for dates, times, and places.
  3. Contact the RET Institute for live class details.
  4. All course materials are included.
  5. Approved for fulfilling annual RET Continuing Education requirements.
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