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Rapid Eye Technology Phase 4 Distance Learning Course

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Be a Rapid Eye Technician


TITLE: Rapid Eye Technician Certification.




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Prerequisites: Rapid Eye Technology Phase 1, Phase 2, & Phase 3


via email: / phone: 503-399-1181 / fax 503-373-



Phase 4 Manual / Skills for Life Teachers Manual

Course Objective: The objective of this course is to train individuals to become a Rapid Eye Technician. The course format allows participants through demonstration and experientials. Students will give and receive actual live supervised practice sessions.

Vocational Objective:

A certificate of completion will be issued, authorizing you as Rapid Eye Practitioner to practice the tools and skills of this course. Training prepares student for

Advanced RET, and is offered as continuing education course for Certified RET Technicians

Course Content:

1. RET Ethics 8 Integrating tools into Session


RET Wand Techniques and Processes 9 Special Cases


RET Light Birth and Spiritual Integration 10 Surrogate Work / Proxy


Neurological Integration and Eye Work 11 Practice Sessions


Spiritual Coaching 12 Closing Processes


Energy Realignment 13 RET Supplies and application


What is Expected Continuing Ed 14 Basic Business Skills


Welcome Letter / Directions (paperwork, etc.) Wand Techniques DVD Phase 4 Manual / Forms Live Session DVD’s RET Session Manuals (14) Educational DVD Large Wand / case Becoming RET Technician CD SSPT Manual Birth Story CD RET Product Catalog / DVD Spirit of a Child CD RET Certificate if applicable All Positive Birth CD Blink Magazine


1. Rapid Eye Technician Home Study Course Materials (26 hours) Learn all of the RET Techniques and Processes. Log in 26 hours of practice with the DVD’s and RET Manuals and bring with you to the on-site RET Certification.

2. Rapid Eye Technician Certification (26 hours)

Instruction on every aspect of RET sessions

All eye movement techniques and processes

How to access core issues immediately with RET How to do Neurological Integration or Eye Work

Complete RET session programs with inner child work

How to integrate RET processes, scripts and tools Imagery scripts for releasing and reframing

Instruction in pattern identification and resolution

Closing processes including built-in safeguards Students hands-on practice of sessions, combining all material

3. Complete RET Practicum (48 hours) After your certification complete an additional 48 hours practicum with clients for a total of 100 hours of RET practicum to receive your RET Technician certificate.

Expectations for Students

Reading: There is reading to complete and the time it will take may vary per student. Practice: It takes 26 credit hours of practice with eye directing device and materials to get ready for RET Certification

Problems: An advisor is available to assist with any questions during business hours. Attendance:

Students must attend all days of the Rapid Eye Certification to get certified. (26 credit hours)

Field work: When the remaining 48 Practicum hours are complete, submit a statement of completion to the RET Institute to receive a certificate and get listed on the RET Practitioner Directory online.


Written Test: Students will submit the written test completed from the home study portion of the course.

Performance: Students will be observed for the ability to properly execute all techniques and process in a hands-on environment.

Grading: This is a pass or fail course based on completion of requirements. A Rapid Eye Technician certificate will be issued upon completion of the entire course.

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